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10 Minute Guide to Investing in Stocks

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New investors can fall into some dangerous traps. If you are new to the stock market, if you need a refresher course in investing basics, or if you are an employee of a corporation that manages its own profit sharing stock plan, this easy-to-use reference guide on everything from research to mutual funds can help you. It provides a basic education of stocks, investing, and the way the market works.

Lesson 1: Confronting Your Fear of Stocks
Lesson 2: Why You Should Invest In Stocks
Lesson 3: How Much Do You Have to Invest?
Lesson 4: What Is a Stock?
Lesson 5: The Five Types of Stock
Lesson 6: Stock Derivatives
Lesson 7: The Markets
Lesson 8: Brokers and Brokerage Houses
Lesson 9: Opening a Brokerage Account
Lesson 10: How Much Stock to Buy and How to Buy It
Lesson 11: How to Pick Stocks
Lesson 12: Evaluating Stocks
Lesson 13: Choosing a Strategy
Lesson 14: How to Check Your Investments
Lesson 15: The Ticker Tape, Stock Indices, and Other Media

Written in 2000, but still a great starter book.


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