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7even’s Condensed Version of Jay Abraham – Mediocrity to Millions

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Merry Christmas Vault, here is a little something for you guys.  I wanted to greatly streamline M2M for practical use.

Mediocrity to Millions is a great book, however the nuggets are scattered all over the place, without necessarily being together and organized, dispersed in a bunch of non-critical text.  So I decided to trim all the fat off, organize a lot of major points in the book while going through it word by word, and have something I could print out.  It was a few days of intense work, but I’m really happy with the end result.  The book is divided into a few different sections.

I tried to organize action steps chronologically, while having some reference material in back.

1- Idea Cloud- Every possibility listed in the book of how to utilize joint ventures contained in a few pages.
2- Checkpoint A series of questions that makes sure the idea is viable before proceeding.
3- JV Mechanics Self explanatory.  Organized by ‘priority’ and topic.  Covers everything critical in M2M in a condensed manner.
4- Talking Points Jay likes to give these 1-2 sentence blurbs throughout the book on what to say.  This is all of those so you can assemble what to say, along with the next few chapters..
5- Generic Templates All the short proposals and longer talking points scattered throughout the book are here.
6- Jay’s Appendix Letters Nothing was condensed here, but the letter templates from Jay have been moved here for reference.
7- Core Philosophy  Mindset, in a nutshell.
8- General Resource A few things near the beginning of the book that didn’t really fit into other categories.
9- M2M Case Studies A handful of case studies taken from the book.  The rest in the book are covered in “Idea Cloud,” so no need to be repetitive.
10- M2M Misc A few examples of Jay doing JV’s, but weren’t in “case studies,” and were instead scattered throughout M2M.

This is not a replacement for the book by any means.  Consider this more of a field manual you can keep for quick reference to whatever topic.  Click here to download the PDF version of the original, and click here for the MOBI and OTR versions.

Its not perfect, and it will always be a work in progress.  But its a great starting point I think.  Feel free to use it as a foundation for your own playbook, and add to it however you want.  Obviously you can use it as-is on the computer, but for best results you should print it out.  In my area at least, Office Depot offers a 3 ring punch on printed pages for free, and each page comes out to $.09/ea (the PDF is 77 pages BTW).  Get a 3 ring binder and some plastic 3 ring dividers so you can get to critical chapters easily and voila. :-)

Password to open the PDF is “IfYouCantJoinThemBeatThem” without the quotes.  All attributes on the PDF are unlocked once you’re in, so you’re free to do as you wish with it.


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