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A. Coskun Samli – Coping with Retail Giants: Gaining an Edge Over Discounters

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A. Coskun Samli – Coping with Retail Giants: Gaining an Edge Over Discounters– 2015 edition (April 23, 2015)

Coping with Retail Giants critically analyzes the modern retail market and identifies how businesses gain the competitive edge over the major retailers that currently control the market. Dr. Samli argues that as society advances economically, consumers will seek better values generated by the retailing sector.


“Coping With Retail Giants brings a welcome ray of hope to those who are tired and frightened of the increased?and increasing?encroachment of giant mass merchandisers throughout the retail sector. By combining theory with common sense, Samli provides an entrepreneurial roadmap to survival in an increasingly competitive, concentrated, and turbulent retail environment.” – Ronald J. Adams, University of North Florida, USA

“Through teaching, research and business experience, Samli has written a book which should be required reading for anyone studying retailing, engaged in retailing, or interested in understanding the market dynamics currently facing small and medium sized retailers in the United States and in the global marketplace. Samli offers a strategic perspective on how to compete and succeed in taking on the giant retailers without ever losing sight of the importance of the customer.” – Edward Mazze, University of Rhode Island, USA



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