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Adsense Accelerator


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Great tool for getting the highest paying keywords for your adsense pages; has a built in highest paying keyword collection.  It’s based on a yearly subscription payment system, but there is a crack included to bypass that.

Dear AdSense Friend,

If you’re dead serious about getting Google to send you bigger and fatter AdSense checks each month then there be sure to scroll down and watch our three eye-opening videos that will show you how to reach your maximum AdSense earnings potential.
What You Are About To See Is A Revolutionary
New System that Will Change the Way You
Build AdSense Websites Forever!

That’s right! Our new AdSense keywords research tool will drastically improve the way you do AdSense keyword research and build related web pages from now on.

Let’s look at a real example…

Suppose you have a website about bad credit. There are all sorts of keywords related to this topic: bad credit repair, fix bad credit, credit score, debt consolidation, etc. Now for some very important questions:
• Which keywords will bring you the biggest AdSense returns?
• Are there any other keywords that should be considered?
• Are there any keywords that claim to have high AdSense payouts but will end up paying out only a small fraction of what you were hoping for?

Wouldn’t it be great to get quick answers to these questions before building any new web pages and avoid wasting your time with disappointing AdSense returns?

Now there’s a way…
Work Smarter, Not Harder For
Higher AdSense Payouts

We created AdSenseAccelerator to get fast and accurate answers to these key questions. What started out as a powerful in-house keyword mining system used for generating top paying keyword lists for during 2005 has evolved into an easy-to-use, real-time keyword tool you can now download and run from your own PC.

This is a BIG DEAL for you!

Now you can mine AdSense keywords for any category on the internet. Since our software pulls in data from a variety of large data sources in real-time, we’re not even sure how big our keyword data database really is!

We estimate it to be well over 7,000,000 keywords.

And in addition to that, AdSenseAccelerator provides you with the most up to date Google bids and SEO data available!

To see just how fast and powerful this system really is, watch this first video and discover how you can quickly find the best AdSense keywords to use for a website about timeshares.

Did You See How Easy It Was To Create
Your Own Customized List of Top Paying
Keywords For A Specific Niche?

Well, there’s more to this story…

Our bid quality scoring system is key here for quickly finding the most optimal AdSense keywords for your particular niche. Not only that, it will also help you to avoid building web pages around bogus keywords that claim to be top paying but don’t deliver AdSense profits.

The next video reveals the advertiser bid details behind some of our bid quality metrics, which is very important and even shocking for many AdSense users.

An eye-opener, right? No other AdSense reports or database products offer this level of detail. Now don’t you see how only having the top bids can hurt you?
Discover The True Highest Paying
Keywords In AdSense

What if you’re interested in building web pages around the most expensive keywords in AdSense? AdSenseAccelerator provides you with the highest quality list. Here’s why…

Throughout 2005, spent a considerable amount of time each month mining through tons and tons of keywords – we’re talking more than 1,000,000 keywords overall! The results were sorted, categorized and sold in a wide selection of top paying keyword lists.

But towards the end of 2005 we discovered a much better and faster way for finding the best paying AdSense keywords out there. So, we took our huge lists of keywords, ran them through our new AdSenseAccelerator engine and then did the unthinkable…
We Threw Away More Than 75% Of
Our Cash Keywords Data!

Why would we do such a thing? Simple – our goal is quality over quantity.

You want the most expensive keywords in AdSense with accurate bid quality metrics – now you’ve got them! Besides, AdSenseAccelerator can find keywords for any niche as you saw in the first video, so quantity is not the goal for our most expensive database feature.

This means when you look at our list of most expensive keywords, you can be sure that you are dealing with quality data that will produce higher AdSense profts. To get a peak at our database of most expensive keywords, watch the video below.

Are you getting it?

With AdSenseAccelerator you can –
• Make more AdSense profits by creating money-making web pages from scratch with our most expensive keywords database
• Maximize your existing web page profits by growing your own top paying keywords lists for your specific website niches

Avoid disappointing AdSense payouts by taking those other top paying keyword lists you purchased and running them through our tool in order to clean out those bogus, low paying keywords
• Get more traffic to your websites with up-to-date SEO metrics and lower competition keywords for cheaper AdWords ads

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