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Alan Weiss – 102 Free Hot Tips for Consultants

Alan Weiss – 102 Hot Tips for Consultants
[101 Tips (HTML) + 1 eBook (PDF)]

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This is a great collection of free articles from Alan’s website, gathered into one product. This is a must read for anyone in the consulting arena.


Table of Contents:

Fees and Value:

   * Addressing Fee Issues in Sensitive Environments
   * Collecting on Overdue Payments
   * How to Enforce A “No Refund” Policy
   * How to Deal with People Who Always Want A Deal
   * How to Negotiate with YOUR Vendors and Suppliers
   * Your Fees May Be Too Low Because Your Metrics Are Too Weak
   * Forty Methods to Increase and/or Protect Fees
   * Ten Ways to Convince A Buyer That Value-Based Fees Are Best
   * The Cost of Doing Business
   * General
   * General
   * General

Implementation Issues and Problems:

   * A Quick Guide to Effective Client Interviews
   * Changing an Assignment from Certain Loser to Sure Winner
   * How to Consult About Practically Anything at Any Time
   * The Client Is Unhappy-Do I (Gulp!) Return the Money?
   * What Actually Constitutes Superior Service?
   * What Happens When You Must Have A Meal!?
   * What to Do When Your Buyer Suddenly Departs
   * How to Deal With A Tough Buyer
   * How to Escape the Pedestal
   * Learning the Basics of Consulting Methodology
   * Personality Disorders: Something You Can’t “Consult Your Way Through”

Marketing and Market Share:

   * Addressing an Evaluation Committee
   * Alan’s Ten Step Program to More Powerful Persuasion
   * Brook No Nonsense from Brokers
   * The Complete Guide to Marketing by Phone
   * Consultants Never Sleep (Sort of…)
   * Dig Out Prospects from Your Own Files
   * Doing Business Abroad
   * Five Ways to Improve Promotional Materials Immediately
   * General
   * How to Change (and Improve) A Client Relationship
   * The Global Knowledge Test
   * How to Consult About Practically Anything at Any Time
   * How to Network Successfully
   * How to Sell Business in Complex Organizations
   * It’s Not the Economy, Though Many Wish That It Were
   * Prospecting With A Purpose
   * Qualifying the Prospect
   * 101 Questions for Any Sales Situation
   * Staying Ahead of the Curve
   * Ten Techniques to Build Credibility With Any Buyer
   * What Constitutes Legitimate Marketing Expenses?
   * When Does Aggressive Marketing Become Unethical Behavior?
   * You’re Not in the Sales Business, You’re in the Relationship Business

Small Business MBA

   * Allow Your Customers to be Part of the Solution
   * Avoiding Trouble with the IRS
   * Effective and Creative Use of the Internet (for anyone)
   * How to Choose A Consultant
   * Losing Business Over the Phone
   * Reporting from Aruba
   * Reporting from London
   * Stop Being Bullied by Customers
   * Why You Can’t Manage All of Your Sales People the Same Way
   * Your Word is Your Main Asset

Overcoming objections:

   * Breaking the Self-Fulfilling Prophecy of Sales Resistance
   * Overcoming Sales Resistance Areas
   * How to Influence Anyone About Anything
   * How to Win Friends and Influence People
   * The Dreaded “That’s More Money Than We’ve Budgeted”
   * What do you do with resistant, high level people?
   * What to Do When the Buyer Provides A Rational “No”

Planning and Professional Development:

   * Expanding Intellectual Breadth
   * How Can You Learn When You’re All Alone?
   * The Fine Art of Spending Money (It’s Called “Investing”)
   * Giving Yourself Permission to Be Successful
   * How to Constantly Educate Yourself
   * How Do You Become An object of Interest to Others?
   * How to Prevent Their Ego from Killing You
   * How to Take A Break
   * Is Reading the Newspaper Really Too Much to Ask?
   * Part-Time or Full-Time?
   * Plans for the New Year
   * Ten Guaranteed Resolutions to Have A Better Year
   * Thoughts on These Economic Times
   * Trends on the Very Near Horizon
   * What Do You Do When You’re Down?
   * What To Do Over the “Dull Days”
   * When Fools Walk In…
   * What Happens When “It’s Not Working In Consulting”?
   * When to Sell the Firm


   * The Basics of Proposal Writing
   * How to Compete Successfully When Proposals Are Solicited
   * How to Write a Short, Effective Proposal

Speaking Professionally:

   * How to Be A Great Speaker-Tomorrow
   * How to Create A Speech from Scratch
   * How To Gain A Consulting Contract By Speaking
   * The Ultimate Contrarian: Six Myths of Professional Speaking

Subcontracting and Collaboration:

   * Evaluating A Proposal To Collaborate
   * How to Evaluate A Potential Collaborator or Partner
   * How to Find Subcontracting Work
   * How to Get Rid of A Partner
   * How to Successfully Subcontract
   * Preventing objections


   * Exploiting the Internet for Marketing Purposes
   * Maximizing the Effectiveness of Your Web Site
   * Pragmatic Technology
   * What Can You Sell on A Web Site?
   * What is e-mail good for, anyway?

The Ultimate Tip:

   * The Ultimate Tip


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