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Alan Weiss – Million Dollar Consulting Toolkit

Alan Weiss – Million Dollar Consulting Toolkit

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Alan Weiss’s  
Million Dollar Consulting Toolkit

Reviewed by G. Ronning (Edmonds, Wa USA) – See all my reviews
I think this book the Million Dollar Consulting Toolkit may get passed over by some of you because of its simple nature, but I can assure you that anyone that gets this book and applies the methodologies inside will be years ahead and stand head and shoulders above your competitors.

Want to know how to write a book? It is inside. Want to know how to write an article quickly? It is here. (BTW, I still use Alan’s article writing system three times a week – so I know how valuable it is and I also used his book writing methodology). Want to know how to invest? It is here. Want to put together a “Alan Weiss Razor Sharp” presentation? It’s here.

I could on and on, the bottomline is this is the foundation of everything I have ever heard Alan say during our mentoring sessions, teach during his presentations or write. I cannot imagine a more impactful book for anyone.

But again I think it may get overlooked, that is all the better for us smart enough to pick it up.

I give this a 5 out of 5 stars.



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