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Alan Weiss – Value-Based Fees (Second Edition): How to Charge – and Get – What You’re Worth

Alan Weiss – Value-Based Fees (Second Edition)
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Value-Based Fees (2nd Edition)
by Alan Weiss

How to Charge – and Get – What You’re Worth

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In this thoroughly revised edition of his classic book, Alan Weiss shows how consulting fees are dependent on only two things: value provided in the perception of the buyer and the intent of the buyer and the consultant to act ethically. Many consultants, however, fail to understand that perceived value is the basis of the fee, or that they must translate the importance of their advice into long-term gains for the client in the client’s perception. Still others fail to have the courage and the belief system that support the high value delivered to clients, thereby reducing fees to a level commensurate with the consultant’s own low self-esteem. Ultimately, says Weiss, consultants, not clients, are the main cause of low consulting fees.



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Note: This is one of the books from Josh Kaufman’s “The Personal MBA Recommended Reading List (The 99 Best Business Books)”.


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