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Alexis Dawes – The Good and Fast Content Creation Formula

Alexis Dawes – The Good and Fast Content Creation Formula
[6 Guides (PDF)]

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Alexis Dawes –
The Good and Fast Content Creation Formula

Alexis Dawes, the creator of “Desperate Buyers Only” has released a physical product on creating written information products and articles. Her ebook DBO was one of the most rock solid courses on creating an in demand information product. Now she shows us the entire research and writing process.

5 Things you could do right now if you were suddenly able to double your research and writing speed-

    1) Write a 10-20 page report 1-2 hours. (Create one a day and sell it or give it away to your customers.)

    2) Create a collection of evergreen blog posts to use on those days when you don’t feel like writing.

    3) Research and write an 85-page manual in 5 days or less. (I did it.)

    4) Develop a collection of 20 sample articles for your brand new freelance writing website in 2 days.

    5) Accept more clients who need articles written on topics you know nothing about.

What’s in The Good and Fast Content Creation Formula?

  * The software you use to write your articles can easily increase your writing speed by 20% or more. I’ll show you what software I use, how it increases my writing speed, and where to find it cheap.

  * Even though many writers extol its virtue, I don’t think writing in 10-minute spurts increases productivity. You’ll learn a different timing method that mentally forced me to work.

  * Need a topic or twenty? I’ve featured 3 topic locating tactics that will keep your idea coffers overflowing like a swollen river. In fact, you can try one of them right now at

  * Do you find yourself having to write about the same topic over and over again? I’ve included a Cheat Sheet to help you take a single topic and re-write it in dozens of different ways – (and you WON’T need a thesaurus, nor will I recommend any of those article re-writer software programs).

  * Titles are often revealed before a reader sees anything else. Do yours beg to “keep reading,” or do they ask to be put out of their misery? I’ll give a series of ‘before’ and ‘after’ title makeovers, so you can see how to improve yours.

  * Adding “structure” is one of the easiest ways to make your writing move faster – and yet it’s rarely consciously used. I’ll show you 7 different structual tactics. Plus you’ll see how they fit in to larger projects like reports and books.

  * It’s extremely difficult to write fast if your topic is mind numbingly BORING. I’m going to show you a simple technique to help you take the boring edge off of almost any project.

  * When I have to research a topic, I find that the way I organize the newly found information is extremely important to the fast writing process. I’ll show you how my organization process keeps me laser focused on the task. It’s amazingly simple, but effective.

  * Most writers DO NOT know how to get the research answers they need from Google. And most times when you outsource research projects, the results are “okay” at best. So I’ve written a 20+ page Google tutorial that gives you specific research scenarios and the strategies you’ll use to find the answer.

  * There’s a VERY minor change you can make on Google that can increase your research productivity immediately. It’s very simple, but very useful when you’re knee deep in work.

  * Just because you read an article on (or any other site for that matter), doesn’t mean the advice you read is valid. I’ll show you how I  cross-check information I find on Google to see if it’s really true.

  * With my 10+ page Cross-Pollination List you’ll NEVER lament: “I don’t know what to put in this article – (or blog post, or book).” The Cross-Pollination List provides dozens upon DOZENS of ideas for adding flesh to your content.

  * I don’t know about you, but I’ve always had problems coming up with beginnings and endings for my content. Now I’m never stuck – and you won’t be either, with this list of usable beginnings and endings.

  * Every promotional article needs a resource box. Most resource boxes say a lot, yet deliver few clicks. In “HOW TO GET READERS TO DO YOUR CLICKING” I’ll break down the anatomy of a click-friendly resource box. (And trust me when I say, readers care very little about who you are, and all the fancy letters following your name.)

  * If you write SEO content, I’ll show you 3 simple ways to incorporate keywords into your content so that it doesn’t sound like nails going across a chalkboard. (You know the type of content I’m talking about!)

  * I’m frequently shocked by the number of articles I see online with little or no formatting. And it doesn’t matter how “good” your articles are if you’ve got nothing more than a title and 20 paragraphs. Being “good” also means formatting your content so that it’s easy to read.

  * Why was Leonardo da Vinci considered a renaissance man? Besides talent, he was also an avid note taker. I promise that if you start taking notes today, your writing is going to improve like you’d never believe. I’ll tell you 8 kinds of notes I take that have assisted me in the fast writing process.

  * I have 3 mental principles I live by whenever I sit down to write a book or a manual. You’ll find that they’re just as necessary as the ability to write good and fast.

  * I’ll give you a simple 5-step process for outlining a book. Don’t be shocked if you complete your outline in 1 hour or less.

  * Writing a report is easier than writing a book because reports are much shorter. Yet you can charge identical prices for both books and reports. You’ll see my 3-step formula for report writing – including ways to add value, without writing more.

  * I’ll give you two ways to practice The Good and Fast Content Creation Formula – and while you’re practicing you’ll be earning money and generating website traffic at the same time.


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