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Allie Bjerk – Livestream365 Planning System

Allie Bjerk – Livestream365 Planning System
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Get 365 topics for running a daily FB livestream

A full year of topic suggestions for business coaches, or if you are in the health niche, or the spirituality/lifecoach niche.

Price: $27

What if your business was BOOKED OUT just by showing up for three and a half minutes each day?

Many online business owners out there today understand the importance of putting content out on social media – but there’s a huge problem.

The problem is… they are sharing the wrong content with the wrong people. They’re keeping themselves occupied with the pretty posts and the “busy work”, yet not actually making more money from doing so.

There’s a brand new way, and that is…..

Doing a daily quick livestream…

Now, wait… before you scroll on by and say “Oh, heck no, this isn’t for me….”

Hear me out.

All it takes is 3.5 minutes per day to do this effectively.

That’s it.

And I want to show you exactly how to put this to work for your business.

So I created The Livestream365 Planning System.
A completely editable calendar with 365 days of PRE-PLANNED LIVESTREAMS.

Showing up, LIVE with your audience, using your voice, showing your facial expressions and passion when you talk – you really can’t beat that when it comes to building trust with potential clients, now can you?

Step out of your comfort zone, and in front of the camera with 12 months of livestreams, already planned out for you.


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