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[WebRip 32 MP4s]

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YouTube Ads Genius —Cheap Video Ads That Get an ROI (+Complete Setup)
Duration: 5:13:14
Video ads are not easy when you have to crack the code yourself.

I have made Video Ads Genius so you won’t have to.

So in summary: you could jump in Youtube right now and create your own ads by yourself, test them and hope that you strike gold instantly.

But that wouldn’t give you my unique blueprint to script ads that cost as little as possible while getting the highest click rate, and you wouldn’t be able to watch over my shoulder as I craft video ads in less than 5 minutes without showing up on camera, and targeting them to your perfect audience.

Without this course, which is unique in its kind, you are guaranteed to struggle to get a profitable campaign, and ultimately lose much more money than what I’ll be asking today.

Smart marketers know what their time (and money!) is worth, and they invest in done-for-you systems like Video Ads Genius.

Table of contents:
Youtube Ads – Instream and Indisplay Demonstarted LIVE
– Introduction – Welcome.mp4 (Duration: 0:10:47)
– Different Types of Ads We’ll Be Running.mp4 (Duration: 0:10:56)
– Linking an Associated Website.mp4 (Duration: 0:03:39)
– Examples Of Good In-Display Advertising.mp4 (Duration: 0:02:49)
– Creating In-Display Ads.mp4 (Duration: 0:05:29)
– Using Camtasia The Easy Way.mp4 (Duration: 0:10:29)
– Keyword Research for In-Display Ads.mp4 (Duration: 0:06:56)
– Thumbnails That Get Clicked On.mp4 (Duration: 0:12:43)
– Uploading & Optimizing for High ROI.mp4 (Duration: 0:05:36)
– Annotations.mp4 (Duration: 0:05:35)
– In-Display Setup Part One.mp4 (Duration: 0:07:14)
– In-Display Setup Part Two.mp4 (Duration: 0:10:46)
– Little Known Benefit of Ads.mp4 (Duration: 0:07:31)
– Examples of Quality In-Stream Ads.mp4 (Duration: 0:08:08)
– In-Stream Targeting .mp4 (Duration: 0:14:46)
– Optimizing In-Display Ads.mp4 (Duration: 0:09:48)
– Scaling Up – Getting Ready to Dominate.mp4 (Duration: 0:08:13)
– Split-Testing Your Way to Success.mp4 (Duration: 0:07:26)
Ad Creation Setup – Make Stunning Ads Without Breaking the Bank
– Creating Screencast Video Ads.mp4 (Duration: 0:04:56)
– Gathering Video Assets (free).mp4 (Duration: 0:06:04)
– Using Powerpoints as Ads.mp4 (Duration: 0:07:17)
– Jing!.mp4 (Duration: 0:05:38)
– Powtoon for Professional Looking Ads.mp4 (Duration: 0:12:17)
– VideoScribe Software.mp4 (Duration: 0:20:03)
– Voice Over for Ads.mp4 (Duration: 0:05:46)
The Youtube Review Lifestyle Pack –
– Creating Review Videos Easily.mp4 (Duration: 0:05:07)
– Getting Email Addresses.mp4 (Duration: 0:05:11)
– Introduction – The System (No video lesson)
– Keywords to Target.mp4 (Duration: 0:04:22)
– What to Promote ? Find The Perfect Products.mp4 (Duration: 0:08:54)
– Getting PLR Products to Give Away as Bonuses.mp4 (Duration: 0:02:11)
– Thank You For Watching !.mp4 (Duration: 0:04:06)
– Webinar Replay – SuperCharge Your Video Ads Success!.mp4 (Duration: 1:12:31)


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