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Amir Taaki – Dark Wallet (Anonymous Bitcoin Transactions)

Amir Taaki – Dark Wallet – Live – Coinscrum – Alternative Stage – London.mp4
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This talk was presented by Amir Taaki at Coinscrum in London on February 2014.

Forbes listed Amir Taaki as one of their top 30 entrepreneurs of 2014. Amir is one of the lead developers of the Dark Wallet software project that brings true anonymity to Bitcoin transactions one step closer. The program works by implementing a technique called trustless mixing that mixes one person’s Bitcoin transactions with Bitcoin transactions of others and employs “stealth addresses” that result in making block chain analysis exponentially harder.

Dark Wallet Description

Dark Wallet
Your keys. Your privacy. Your sovereignty.

Dark Wallet is a community of projects developing a wallet with privacy, scalability and integrity. We see Bitcoin fundamentally as a new tool of business and trade in the free economy, more than a mere payments innovation.

The Dark Wallet is our first step into a series of products that will touch upon tools for markets, governance and organization. These are tools we need for our own communities, where we aim to create self-managed spaces.

  • Multisignature cooperative wallets
  • Escrow support
  • Stealth payments + CoinJoin mixing = Bitcoin Anonymity
  • Web integration

    Dark Wallet Screen Shots

    Key Words: p2p, bitcoin, digital currency, privacy, anonymity,
    transparency, cryptography, resistance, alternative

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