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Firstly, I’m going to presume you’re at least interested in ‘Amazing Selling Machine’ by Matt Clark & Jason Katzenback.

With that said…

The other day I buzzed my buddy, Dave Tropeano on Skype.

I know he’s been selling physical stuff on Amazon for a while now (he also has a Kindle publishing company).

So asked him if he’s been through ‘Amazing Selling Machine’.

And if so, what were his thoughts on it.

We got chatting…

He told me about his experience with ASM. What he’s been doing on the Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) platform…

And what he’s learnt since starting (the good, the bad, and the ugly).

I don’t want this email to drag on, so I’m gonna be really upfront and honest (err, well … I’m always ‘honest’).

Meaning, no sugar-coating.

I have no desire in putting down ASM in a low-blow attempt to flog my own stuff.

ASM has its flaws, like every product.

The first module is just intro. Dave said overall the course felt “slow” with a weekly drip-feed of the modules.

The last few modules he didn’t find very valuable (felt like filler).

With that said…

Dave’s words were, “The content in the middle – the how to – was excellent and the advice was excellent.”

So overall the product is solid (see P.S. later on).

However, here’s a kicker…

It costs $3,497.

That’s not a small investment.

It gets worse.

Because this is a *real* business…

It requires buying stock.

Joining amazon as a seller costs $30/mo (first month is free).

There’re shipping costs.

And to use Fulfillment by Amazon, they take a cut of each order.

You need a UPC barcode for each product line you sell (inexpensive if you know where to get them, but not free).

If you’re in the U.S. (and depending on what product you’re selling) you’ll probably want liability protection.

You could register an LLC (couple hundred bucks) or just setup a DBA (Doing Business As) which is free in some states.

Point is, all these costs add up (anywhere from around $300 to $1,000 to “setup shop”).

And that’s before you’ve sold a damn thing.

$3,497 + [costs: $300 to $1,000] = ready to do business

Following me so far?

Then during the conversation Dave joked that he could “brain dump” everything you need to know about to make this work.

… in about 2 hours flat.

Wait one cotton-picking minute! …

I stopped him right there.

In 2 hours? … you sure?

42 minutes later I knew enough to be able to set up shop myself on Amazon…

Along with all the “hidden details” you can only learn from experience of actually doing this stuff.

Conceptually, selling goods on Amazon is really simple…

1. Join Amazon as a seller.

2. Use Fulfillment by Amazon for warehousing and fulfillment.

3. Find product to sell.

4. Buy a quantity of it.

5. Send it to Amazon.

That’s it in a nutshell.

However, like with most things worth doing, the devil is in the details.


ASM is a solid product.

It’s expensive.

But, sure, in it you’ll learn what you need to know to make this work.

Now here’s an alternative for you…

We (well, Dave actually because he’s the pro – I’ll just be there muted) will hold a private webinar.

It’ll be as long as it needs to take to “brain dump” EVERYTHING you need to know to make this work (we’re thinking 2 hours).

Plus, we’ll stay on to answer all your questions live (well Dave will, not me).

It’ll take as long as it needs to take until there are no more questions.

We’re charging just $300 for this.

Really, that’s just to cover our time to host this.

(I suggested $500 to Dave, but he’s a big girl and said $300 would make this a no-brainer for our folks.)

Dave will also share some sneaky ninja shenanigans he does that you won’t find in ASM, or any other product.

(That right there is going to give you a big competitive edge.)

At 1PM EST today ASW will open for business (yes, I know, as I write this, that time has already passed).

It costs $3,497.

I don’t have an affiliate link. I’m not promoting it.

If you feel it’s a fit for you, get it.

You’ll learn the basics of what you’ll need to know.


We’re charging $300 for a “no holds barred” webinar.

It’ll be a “fast-track”, all fillet steak education, into everything you need to know, minus the filler and potatoes.

Plus you’ll get some really “insider” ninja tricks that you’ll not hear about anywhere else.

(The reason why you’ve prob’ly never heard of Dave Tropeano is because he’s an underground badass marketer that prefers to operate in the shadows over doing the guru thing.)

If that sounds awesome to you … well, there is one teeny-weeny problem.

Because of the last minute nature of this, I don’t have a payment link setup (yet).

I don’t want to use PayPal because those bastards limited my account back in March.

(Took me three months to get access to my money. Hence why I refer to them as “The Bastards”.)

So today I setup a $300 product in ClickBank.

But those buggers need to now approve the request.

Meaning I need to jump through hoops for a few days (can take up to a week).

Because I’m in the ClickBank Premier Program (one of their top 100 clients), I get an account rep and all of that stuff.

With some luck I can leverage that get the approval fast-tracked (touch wood).

Give me a few days…

Andre “last minute” Chaperon


So Brian, a subscriber of mine hits me up yesterday as a result of the email I sent.

Said this to me:

“Had my share of setbacks getting going on Amazon but I’m now doing $300-1,000 profit a day with my 1st product in one of the most saturated categories (Edit: REMOVED) and have 2 new products coming soon.

(Edit: Now here’s the interesting part…)

Randomly a guy who lives in my little town has the top selling diet brand on Amazon and he started with Matt/Jason’s early version of ASM training (he easily is doing way more profit than Matt/Jason ASM businesses combined).”


The take away … ASM will give you all the basics you need to know.

It’s the little “setbacks” where most people fall to pieces at.

We’ll (read: Dave) give you all the “devil is in the details” parts, including tricks (these aren’t loopholes) to better your marketplace rankings.

Dave will cover both SEO and paid promotion (in more detail than ASM). Meaning you’re unlikely to experience any major “setbacks”.


If you’re interested in our $300 dealio, just reply and let me know.

I’ll send you the buy link early next week as soon as it’s approved.

Elite/VIP: 2 weeks
Power Users (PU): 7 weeks
Users: Never (get your account up to PU to gain access to exclusive material)


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