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Andreas M. Antonopoulos – The Internet of Money, Volume 3

Andreas M. Antonopoulos – The Internet of Money, Volume 3
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Book Description
While many guides explain the how of Bitcoin, the Internet of Money series delves into the why of Bitcoin. Following the worldwide success of Volume One and Volume Two, this third installment contains 12 of Andreas M. Antonopoulos’ most inspiring and thought-provoking talks over the past two years. Make this audiobook part of your collection and see why the internet of money will continue to transform the world and the internet itself.

General Information
Title:                  The Internet of Money, Volume 3
Author:                 Andreas M. Antonopoulos
Read By:                Stephanie Murphy
Copyright:              2020
Audiobook Copyright:    2020
Genre:                  Audiobook
Publisher:              Aantonop Books LLC
Duration:               4 hours, 55 minutes, 19 seconds
Chapters:               21

Media Information
Source Format:          Audible AAX
Source Sample Rate:     22050 Hz
Source Channels:        2
Source Bitrate:         63 kbits

Lossless Encode:        Yes
Encoded Codec:          AAC / M4B
Encoded Sample Rate:    22050 Hz
Encoded Channels:       2
Encoded Bitrate:        63 kbits


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