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Andrew Tate – How to Make Money with Webcam Business Sales Video

Andrew Tate – How to Make Money (Webcam Business) Sales Video
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Andrew Tate – How to Make Money with Webcam Business Sales Video

This is the sales video for the course. You can view this ratio-free here:

There were issues with the earlier upload of the sales video. So i have re-uploaded here.

I am organising the Group Buy for the 750 GBP How To Leverage Beautiful Women To Make $1mil/year (Webcam Business):

This Group Buy is OPEN.


Andrew Tate has a product for sale, teaching people how to start their own webcam studio company.

For people that don’t understand what kind of business that is, it’s basically a modern day digital pimp, using beautiful women to work under you.

They spend time getting in front of the camera, making money from horny guys.

And you take a percentage of their earnings.

Imagine having 10 girls working for you, or even 20. How much money will you be raking in?

This is a business that is easily scalable because there’s so many types of women and each men has their own tastes.

Sex will be an evergreen business, and in this digital age, more and more people are spending time wanking off at home instead of being out there in the real world.

There are beautiful girls out there that don’t know how to monetize their beauty.

That’s where you come in. You’re the brains behind the operation. You’re the man, the pillars of foundation.

With that being said, you might want to hear it from the man himself about his journey:

I made my first million dollars with a webcam company. I took girls who worked low paying jobs and helped them become some of the most successful cam girls in the world. They would live with me. Travel with me. And work for me. Everyone thought my life was perfect.

I had money. A Lambo an Aston and a Bentley. I had 22 girls who decided to tattoo my name on their body. I had threesomes. Foursomes. Fivesomes anytime I wanted.
Unlimited sex.​

It wasn’t perfect. As the man. And the head of the operation. You’re the only stable energy in the whole operation. Females are irrational. And they aim to disturb you absolutely. You need an iron will and INCREDIBLE patience.

I would have arguments with girls over the smallest things. Me and 3 girls would have sex. Everything was fine. Who sleeps next to me who’s the one sleeping on the outside? Argument. Who did I pass the champagne glass too first? Argument.

Details become incredibly important. Remaining impartial is impossible. And one bad apple spoils all – so you had to hire and fire ruthlessly. Some girls were with me for years. Some girls days. I’d lose a long-term girl and miss her deeply. You become family.

And even tho I had lots of other girls, the love I had for all of them was real. You can not do this job if you’re not prepared for constant heartbreak. You will be going through a break up a week. While simultaneously getting new girls. It’s a roller coaster.

There was never a month I didn’t make a profit. The money in the cam is very good – margins are low. A laptop and some wages. That’s all. I afforded myself anything I wanted. At any time. I grew to a turnover of 100,000 a month MINIMUM. the best month was over 400,000.

I quit this business. I stopped because of fighting. And being unable to deal with the emotionality of both the same time. Both high pressure and require supreme time and energy. I had to choose. BUT. I want to start the business again.

My plan to restart the business is to train others to run cam companies and consult them. My new company doesn’t afford me to full time live with so many women. So I want to train you how to do cam. Let you make money and you simply pay me for consulting when you need advice.

There is HUGE money in this space. Anyone who’s interested in making money – TODAY. The details are in the video below. I GUARANTEE you make money. A lot of it. Just do as I say.

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