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Andrew Tate – War Room Video 4

Andrew Tate – War Room Video 4.mp4
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Andrew Tate – War Room Video 4


This is the latest video from Andrew Tate. This is the complete video – there is nothing missing. It is not as advertised in the emailer about him earning $80k last week. I have no idea what this video is about.

This is a result of the Group Buy for the Andrew Tate – War Room Annual Membership:

This Group Buy is CLOSED.

Course Outline:


What’s included in this membership:

– Access to the war room page on
– A weekly podcast which can be listened too only once before itself destroys.
– A brutal insight into the most controversial topics of our time.
– Interviews with my girlfriends to understand a female perspective on my ruthlessly efficient game.
– A 10% discount code for any other product from the Tateshinkai store.
– Ways to make money ILLEGALLY. In case quick cash influxes are needed.
– Direct access to Andrew Tate via email.
– 1-hour skype calls a month to discuss any topic.
– Invite to the twice-yearly WAR ROOM events which will be held in luxury accommodations across the world.

Exclusive videos and pictures. Every seen the inside of a street pimps birthday party? Cocaine. Firearms. 50 naked women.

This cannot be shown on normal “social” media.

– Interviews and stories from personal friends including active and retired mafia bosses, corrupt politicians, and high-level street pimps.

These are the people I hang around with on a daily basis in Ukraine, Moldova etc. They have a lot to say, I assure you.

An exclusive breakdown of how I got the 22 women to get a Tattoo of my name. One by one, how i did it. And how you can achieve the same thing.

In the global battlefield, attractive women are becoming the most important currency. As the general masses fail to achieve relationships with females, the power and influence of a beauty queen increase exponentially.

Your women must remain yours – FOREVER.

They are an asset. RETAIN THEM.

I am building an army.

The gentleman in my war room are the special forces.

They know the most, they understand the most, we meet in exclusive places and do exclusive things.

Most importantly – It is these gentlemen which are FULLY PREPARED FOR WAR.

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