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Anne Miller – The Tall Lady With the Iceberg (Expanded Edition of Metaphorically Selling)

The Tall Lady With the
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The Tall Lady With the Iceberg (Expanded Edition of metaphorically Selling) – Anne Miller (2012) [eBook (MOBI)]…

Book Description

Note: This is the newly revised and expanded and re-titled edition of the book metaphorically Selling located here:

Publication Date: October 26, 2012

“Billions of dollars are left on the table and hundreds of ideas fail to get off the ground every day because of the over-communicated society in which we live. Salespeople, managers, consultants, CEOs, and even the president of the U.S. are constantly challenged to pierce through this information clutter to get others to see the unique value of their services, explanations, and propositions. metaphor in all its forms—visual language—solves that problem.

Join the ranks of five-star metaphor makers and salespeople like Ronald Reagan, Jack Welch, and Steve Jobs. Learn how to weave the magic of metaphor into your business arguments to: sell an idea, vaporize objections, clear up confusion, wow an audience, shake up indifference, inspire action, close a sale, make your point.

Packed with more than two-hundred-and-fifty examples from contemporary business, politics, and media, The Tall Lady with the Iceberg provides a unique Four-Step Model to show anyone easily and quickly how to become a master of metaphor.


“This second edition of the author’s 2004 book metaphorically Selling features an appendix of 25 new stories—38 pages—that illustrates how salespeople can effectively use metaphors.

Drawing on the author’s personal experiences, this book focuses on effective business communication, particularly when selling products or attempting to secure corporate accounts. metaphors, Miller writes, can give mundane explanations a shot of adrenaline and help make abstract ideas comprehensible. However, when overused or misapplied, they often fall on deaf ears. In the first section, Miller explains what a metaphor is and when to use it; in others, she describes how to determine the factors that make metaphors relevant and how to use them for impact. Another section focuses on how to acquire a “metaphor inventory.” Miller’s succinct summaries and exercises reinforce and test the reader’s understanding of the material covered; at times, the format is reminiscent of 1980s self-help books.

She effectively uses an abundance of examples throughout. For instance, when she discusses left-brain/right-brain theory, she portrays analytical thought processes as a character called Joe, and visual/intuitive processes as Robin, and uses them to clarify her points. In one chapter, she explains how to take abstractions and relate them to things known, a comparative technique often used to prevent listeners from falling asleep in lecture halls (“That savings is the equivalent of what it would take to build a shopping center for you in the Caribbean.”). Another chapter focuses on effectively using visual images to describe abstract concepts and invisible products.

Although written for a business audience, this book will interest parents, teachers, healthcare workers, writers and others aiming to better communicate complicated concepts.” –Kirkus Review

About the Author

Anne Miller founder of Chiron Associates, Inc. is a widely respected sales and presentation speaker, seminar leader, consultant, and author. She assists high-profile Fortune 1000 companies in media, financial services, and business present and sell products and services worth millions of dollars. She is the author of Make What You Say Pay!, 365 Sales Tips for Winning Business, and Presentation Jazz! She lives with her family in New York City.


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