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Auto Social Poster (1.2)

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Auto Social Poster is a WordPress Plugin that enhances and improves your social bookmarking speed and efficiency: * IT’S FULLY AUTOMATED: Once it’s set up, all you have to do is post to your blog. Auto Social Poster then takes over and ads your posts and tags to each of your bookmarking sites. * IT OPERATES ON A MASS LEVEL: You can install this plugin on all of your blogs. My blog network consists of 100 or so pure white hat blogs. Each time a post is made to those blogs, Auto Social Poster adds that post to my bookmarking accounts. * POSTS DON’T RESEMBLE SPAM: Because you are posting one blog entry, instead of tons of web pages, your activity looks normal to the bookmarking sites. Over time your blog builds credibility with the bookmarking sites and the search engines. Some other features include: * The ability to automatically post your bookmarks automatically to these 10 top bookmarking sites: myweb2 * The ability to post to multiple bookmarking accounts for the same site, AND specify which account you want to post to. So if you have two Spurl accounts you can post to one from blog 1 and post to the other from blog 2. Or you can post to both accounts from blog 1, it’s up to you. * Random Posting Option: This is a “super stealth” method. Randomization is the Black Hat Secret Weapon. This option allows the plugin to choose a random bookmarking site to add your new post to. Instead of posting to all bookmarking sites at once, the plugin will choose one bookmarking site (or any number you specify) and post to it ONLY. The next time you post, it will pick a different bookmarking site. You are flying so far under the radar when using this option, that no one will ever know you are using automatic bookmarking software.


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