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AWAI – Monthly Copywriting/Marketing Genius

Monthly Marketing Genius
[first 14 issues, Swipe File, critiques (PDF)]

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“Monthly Copywriting Genius” – formerly known as “Monthly Marketing Genius”

Here are 14 promotions dissected by AWAI. You can read the salesletter at

Bullets from the salesletter:

“#  Expert insight into the product and target audience in virtually every area from health to financial marketing…
# Techniques top writers use to harness emotion, build reader trust, and create phenomenally conversational copy…
# The steps that experienced copywriters follow to uncover a winning USP — even when it seems one is nowhere to be found…
# Tricks the experts use to boost response …
# The creative challenges each writer faces and how they overcome them to craft a control…”

”    *  How to boost orders in one simple step. (Arthur Johnson uses this one in his packages. He shared it with readers in issue #3.)…
   * The process Parris Lampropoulos uses every time to find a winning focus for his promotion. (He gave the details in issue #5.)…
   * And a proven trick to make the buyer WANT the product and increase your chances of writing a control. (Ted Kikoler revealed it in issue #8.)…”



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