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Barry Thomsen – 90 Days to Success as a Small Business Owner

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Barry Thomsen – 90 Days to Success as a Small Business Owner

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Most small-business owners spend the majority of their time running their business rather than growing it. Although successful businesses may begin with a great idea, they need more than that to grow and prosper; they need an action plan for success. 90 DAYS TO SUCCESS AS A SMALL BUSINESS OWNER provides that plan. This book contains hundreds of strategies that small-business owners can introduce into their daily routine to keep valued customers and attract new ones. Topics range from product positioning, pricing, and advertising to employee management, customer service, and brand loyalty. With an emphasis on proven methods and concrete action items, the book also includes quick reference checklists and self-assessments that make it a must-have field guide for the small-business owner who is preparing for startup or ready to grow an existing business.

About The Author
From selling lemonade at construction sites at a mere five years old to starting a business-forms company in the mid-1980s that grew to more than $3 million in sales, Barry Thomsen has proven himself to be the epitome of the entrepreneurial spirit. In his variety of business ventures over the years, he has learned firsthand the importance of great customer service, business savvy, and marketing acumen. He has advised and helped many small-business owners with startup and other ideas to grow their businesses. His dedication to helping fellow business owners resulted in his creation of a monthly newsletter called the Idea-Letter, which has subscribers nationwide. In addition, he has been published in magazines, in newspapers, and on the American Management Association website, and he has authored several books on business ownership and marketing.


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