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Ben Adkins – Group Story Secrets (Advanced)

Ben Adkins – Group Story Secrets (Advanced)
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Ben Adkins – Group Story Secrets (Advanced)
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Who is my “Group Story Secrets” program for?
If you are helping local business clients, this is going to be something that will instantly give them a monster leg up on their competition. If you’re an online marketer who sells Physical products, Digital Products, or is trying to grow your SaaS subscriptions… this is also going to be a huge technique for your business.

What you’re about to learn inside “Group Story Secrets”:

  Part 1:
  My “Thousands of Eyeballs a Day” FB Stories System
  In this section, I’ll walk you through the 10k foot view of what we’re going to be doing and how everything that we’re going to learn will set you up to be successful (no matter what you’re trying to promote online).

  Part 2:
  The 5 Killer Group Story Types
  In this section, you’re going to learn about the 5 types of stories that you can produce and why each of them is necessary for helping your business capture attention and make sales for your business and/or clients.

  Part 3:
  The “Not my Group Traffic Syphon” Technique
  You’ll learn how to use “Group Stories” to get a massive amount of attention for your business (in groups that you aren’t the Admin or Owner).

  Part 4:
  Group Stories for Local and Agencies
  You’ll learn how to instantly get your Client’s offers in front of thousands of local prospects every single week. (this is a game changer for local agencies)

  Part 5:
  Group Stories for Online Only Entrepreneurs
  Want to sell your Info Product, Physical Product, or get more SaaS customers? In this section, I’ll show you the exact strategy to use and why Group Stories are a perfect fit.

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But wait…
You’ll notice there is an advanced version of the Program.

What’s inside “Group Story Secrets’ Advanced?

  [Advanced Only]
  Dr Ben’s Group Story Canva Tutorial:
  In this advanced section, I’m going to show you how to make your stories 10x more eye catching using some very powerful techniques in Canva (you’ll get to see me create one live).

  [Advanced Only]
  Dr Ben’s Group Story Photoshop Templates:
  In this advanced section, I’ll be showing you my custom photoshop “Group Story Templates”. Use these to get more attention for your offers.

  [Advanced Only]
  Effortless Story Planning Uncovered:
  Learn how Dr Ben makes creating content for his stories a part of his daily life. This process will turn you into a content producing machine (just by living your daily life).

My Promise to You:
Due to the special nature of this technique, I’m only going to open the door to 100 of my best customers. Once we sell out, we won’t ever be selling this again. That said… you’re protected by my “buy it back from me” promise if this isn’t something you can use to go get thousands of targeted eyeballs on your offer.

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