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Ben Adkins – Ultimate Sales Script + Advanced

Ben Adkins – Ultimate Sales Script
[11 Videos (MP4) + 2 Cheatsheets (PDF)]

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Sorry, I can’t find a sales letter. But it’s Ben Friggin Adkins. Here’s a short description from the course…

What you’re about to learn is a very big deal. It has been responsible for more sales and clients and sales than I can count at this point. Make sure you watch every video and don’t skip anything

From the intro video, Ben describes the Ultimate Sales script as the process, conversation and process he uses in a sales call or meeting to get the prospects to “close themselves” just by getting them to talk about their business.

The basic module goes over the script itself and how to use it. The advanced module covers implementation by closing prospects from a distance via ads, a messenger bot, and how to pre-qualify your prospects with an onboarding form before you even talk to them.

This product includes Ultimate Sales script and Ultimate Sales script Advanced.


  • Watch This First
  • Part 1: The Ideal Settings for the Ultimate Sales script
  • Part 2: The 4 Magic Questions (the Psychological Foundation of the script)
  • Part 3: The Ultimate Sales script Explained
  • Part 4: The Printout (take this with you until you memorize it)


  • Introduction
  • Part 1: 10,000 Foot View of Getting Clients From a Distance with the U.S.S.
  • Part 2: The Bait (The Ads and Content than I Use)
  • Part 3: The Bot
  • Part 4: The Pre-Qualifier Form
  • Part 5: Conducting the Meeting From a Distance
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