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Ben Settle – Affiliate Trump Card

[eBook (PDF) + audios (MP3)]

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An Open Letter To Affiliate

Marketers With Small Lists

Who Would Like To Double

Their Profits — Fast

During this special Pre-Sales Letter offer, you can get your hands on my “small list” affiliate marketing system for mere chump change — before I write a “real” ad for it and jack the price up to $97 or more.  Plus, there’s no risk to you whatsoever.  In fact, you can literally use it FREE, if you want.

Dear Affiliate Marketer,

         If you have a small list and would like to double — even triple — your affiliate marketing conversions and commissions, then this letter will show you how.

         Here’s the story:

         My name is Ben Settle and over the past year I’ve discovered and used a way to significantly increase my affiliate marketing conversions and sales — even though my list is still somewhat small, and even though I sometimes compete against marketers with much bigger names and influence than myself.

         I have recently put the finishing touches on a product (I call The Affiliate Trump Card)  outlining this method and for the time being I am practically giving it away.

         I’ll tell you why in a second.

         But first, let me tell you about this special “two part” system.

         The first component of The Affiliate Trump Card is a 62 page eBook outlining my exact method.

         It is perfect for both beginning affiliate marketers and advanced affiliate marketers.  My system is a combination of several techniques I learned about affiliate marketing while writing ads for top affiliate marketers like Ken McCarthy, Ewen Chia and Mike Dillard.

         I won’t say it’s necessarily the “best” affiliate marketing system in the world.

         And I won’t insult your intelligence and say it’s going to make you a million dollars.

         But I don’t think anyone has taught affiliate marketing quite like this before.

         And it has made a dramatic difference in my income — even though I have no real “training” in affiliate marketing and have never even so much as bought a product on the subject.

         So that’s the first part.

         The second part is a series of interviews with top affiliate marketers, including:

   * Ewen Chia/Russel Brunson:  Two of the biggest and most well-known “super affiliate” marketers.

   * Ray Edwards:  Who has written copy for all the top affiliate marketers and uses their hard-won secrets in his own affiliate promotions (to rake in over six figures per year, even though his list is SMALL).  He reveals some extremely profitable (and easy to use) affiliate marketing secrets.  This interview alone could be sold for over $100 — easy.

   * Jay White:  Who writes the email copy for all the top affiliate marketers — and charges them $500 per email.  He revealed exactly how he writes profitable emails when selling a product via affiliate marketing.  This interview will give anyone who uses email a HUGE advantage over other affiliate marketers.

   * Greg Perry:  Greg is not a “guru” — but he quietly makes a small fortune each year from eBay’s affiliate marketing program.  eBay is a fascinating affiliate marketing profit center almost nobody talks about.  And, as you will see, has FAR more profit potential than ClickBank (and is a lot easier to use).  If you have a newsletter list of ANY kind, this interview will show you how to quickly and easily install a whole new income stream pretty much overnight — no matter what you sell.

   * Brian Clark:  Of — explains how he went from 0 to 30,000 website visitors per day in under 2 years — without using any advertising, marketing or gimmicks.  This is not specifically an affiliate marketing training, but it CAN be used by affiliate marketers to make a lot of dough.

   * John Ritz:  A direct response copywriter and tele-seminar expert.  This is a transcript of a tele-seminar he gave about how to run and profit from tele-seminars.  Again, not specifically for affiliate marketers, but affiliate marketers can make a killing if you know how to use tele-seminars.

         So that’s what’s in there.

         And even though I’m practically giving this product away (until I write a real sales letter for it — and take this sloppy one down), it still comes with ClickBank’s you-can’t-possibly-lose 60 day guarantee:

         If at any time in the next 60 days you aren’t satisfied with it, just let ClickBank know and you will get your money back.  You do not have to email me or haggle in any way.  Either this product blows you away or you don’t pay for it.

         Since this product is digital, that means you get to keep everything no matter what.

         Which means there’s simply no way you can lose with this deal and…

You Can Use It 100% FREE, If You Want.

         Anyway, to give this new product a spin at the ridiculously low price of $10, and without any risk whatsoever, just click the button below:

         If you have any questions, just let me know.



                        Ben Settle

P.S. This is a very limited offer.  As soon as I get a real sales letter written the price goes up dramatically.  Probably at least $97 or more.  This is advanced stuff, and this ad is not doing it any justice (thus the “pre sales letter” offer).

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