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Ben Settle – Email Client Machine Transcript

Email Client Machine Transcript
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Ben Settle – Email Client Machine Transcript

This is a result of the Ben Settle Email Client Machine Group Buy:

This Group Buy is CLOSED.


One of several products I created last year (but haven’t launched yet) is:

“The Email Client Machine”

It shows you how to use my email ways to get yourself booked solid with copywriting clients (or, really, any kind of clients — coaching, consulting, whatever, but mostly applies to copywriters) — chasing you down, instead of you chasing them down, already 80%+ sold on hiring you before speaking with you. It’s the exact same methods I used back when I did client work that landed me high paying gigs from clients who could have easily afforded to hire better and more seasoned writers. But, using my secret, client-getting ways, they not only hired me, they hired only me (over and over and over, plus referring me to their friends), without even having to show a portfolio or do the usual client-copywriter dance around price, having to jump through hoops to sell myself, or spending weeks and months negotiating.


Here’s a client testimonial Ben just shared:

“Email Client Machine” customer Kenneth Turnbull reports how it is helping ending the “freelancer’s curse” — which is the grinding uncertainty of where his next client will come from:


Hey Ben. Just wanted to say thanks.

I picked up the email client machine back when you did your email players Christmas sale for it. Since then, I’ve only implemented a handful of the goodness you teach in there so far, but the results have been plentiful.

Before I was aimlessly going from one gig to the next, not really knowing where my next client would come from. Now, my schedule is booked up with copywriting work for the next few months, all with clients who I enjoy working with.

And I’m currently in the process of building up a wait-list so if I’m never beholden to any one client.

Thanks a bundle.



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