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Ben Suarez – 7 Steps to Freedom II

Ben Suarez – 7 Steps to Freedom II
[19 DVDs (AVI)]

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These are AVI rips of an existing product. Benefit: smaller by 50% (6.6Gb).

Original description follows:

Ben Suarez 7 Steps to Freedom II
Remote Direct Marketing
Professional Home Study Course.

Produced by Suarez Corporation Industries.

From what I understand, this is really, really rare. It was given to me reluctantly. This is a BizLearning exclusive since you can’t buy it even if you wanted to. Seems like nobody told Google about this course either.

Here’s the little I know.

This seems to be an update to the original 7-Steps course by Suarez done for the benefit of his employees. I was told it was never sold publicly. Again, won’t bet my life on this, but this is how it was represented to me. A little research on my part (ok, a couple of google searches) didn’t find out anything to either prove or disprove this.

Ben Suarez was a Gary Halbert Protégé.  This is from one of Halbert’s Letters:

“Here’s how I’d do it: If you were my student, the first thing I’d ask you to do is give yourself a basic education in valid advertising principles. To begin with, I’d want you to read everything listed below:”

“Scientific Advertising”-by Claude Hopkins
“The Robert Collier Letter Book”-by Robert Collier
“Tested Advertising Methods”-by John Caples
“How To Write A Good Advertisement”-by Vic Schwab
“The Gary Halbert Letter” (all back issues) -by Gary Halbert
“The Boron Letters” -by Gary Halbert
“The Lazy Man’s Way to Riches” -by Joe Karbo
“Break-Through Advertising” -by Eugene M. Schwartz
“7-Steps To Freedom”-by Ben Suarez

The book version (7 Steps)  is available here (the rest is available here also.

It was 19 DVD’s originally. (this is how I received them, but the originals where VHS). I converted them into wmv format you so can listen to it a bit faster than regular speed if you want and for size reasons.

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note the view has been expressed that the mp3s are of limited value as they lack the visual content.

Available to PU+ as per original product.


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