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Bernadette Doyle – The Emergency Action Plan for Attracting Clients Fast

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Bernadette Doyle

Well written guide to developing a referral-driven marketing strategy. Aimed largely at SOHO businesses but a good read for anyone.

From the intro:

This book is about marketing from the inside out. It’s a book about you. You are your most magnetic resource. To become a Client Magnet, you need to find the courage to allow your natural magnetism to shine through. This book will help you do that.
This is not just a collection of marketing and selling techniques. I know you want the action steps. You want those clients. You want to jump right in and learn how to get the world beating a path to your door. The truth is, however, you don’t become aClient Magnet simply by going through a series of outer steps.

Let me say right now that becoming a Client Magnet isn’t about just applying a bunch of techniques to get one over on the competition. In the words of one of my teachers, ‘Every technique will fail you at some point. There is no wisdom in a technique’. When we focus on techniques, we do so to the detriment of your most magnetic attribute – YOU! The techniques have just been getting in the way. Think of them like layers of paint covering the natural beauty of a handcrafted wooden desk. You don’t need
more techniques. You need less of them! Being a Client Magnet isn’t something that you ‘do’. In actual fact it’s something that you already ARE.

I once heard Robert Holden, author of Happiness Now, explain that he doesn’t teach people how to be happy. He helps them remember how to be happy. I feel the same way about helping you become a Client Magnet. I can’t teach you how to be more magnetic, but I can help you to reconnect with your natural magnetism, and through this book I’ll be helping you identify and remove the blocks that prevent you
from expressing it fully. You will also identify where you may have unwittingly been pushing clients away, and may have even become a Client Repellent!

In The Emergency Action Plan for Attracting Clients Fast! You will discover specific tools to help you start attracting clients immediately.

Welcome to ‘The Emergency Action Plan for Attracting Clients Fast!’ __ 4
Your Marketing Plan Made Easy_____________________________________ 8
The Market, The Message and the Medium __________________________ 11
Marketing Mistake #1: Trying to CREATE demand ___________________ 14
Marketing Mistake #2: Thinking that everyone NEEDS what you have to
offer______________________________________________________________ 17
Marketing Mistake #3: Believing that When You Do What You Love, the
Money Will Automatically Follow ___________________________________ 19
Align Your Gifts and Talents With a Market Need & Want_____________ 21
How do you know if you’ve found the right market? _________________ 24
You are More Magnetic When You Specialize________________________ 28
Overcome Your Fear of Specialising________________________________ 31
Your Most Magnetic Attributes _____________________________________ 33
The Market: Getting to Know your Clients___________________________ 37
The Right Audience _______________________________________________ 40
Getting People to ‘Raise Their Hands’ ______________________________ 44
Multi-Step Marketing ______________________________________________ 47
Multi-Step Marketing in Action _____________________________________ 50
What’s Your Birdseed? ____________________________________________ 52
Creating Your Free Report _________________________________________ 56
How to Create a Free Report that your prospects WANT to read – a great
title ______________________________________________________________ 61
How to Come Up With A Title That Starts A Stampede!_______________ 63
The easy way to create powerful and compelling headlines __________ 66
Lead Generation Advertising_______________________________________ 84
Matching the Right Lead Generation Methods to Your Market ________ 93
Where are Your Target Clients Congregating? – Online ______________ 96
Where are Your Target Clients Congregating? Offline_______________ 104
The Client and Customer Acquisition Business ____________________ 118
How to Turn Enquirers into Buyers ________________________________ 124
Make Your Offer Clear, Specific and Tangible ______________________ 126
‘Make Me An Offer I Can’t Refuse!’ ________________________________ 130
Sequenced Mailings: A Three-Step Letter __________________________ 133
Tips And Secrets Of Sequenced Mailings __________________________ 147
What to Put in Your Sales Letters _________________________________ 150
How to Write Letters that Sell!_____________________________________ 153
The Easy Way to Write Sales Letters in Less Than 2 ½ Minutes! _____ 156
How Long Should Your Letters Be? _______________________________ 157
Above all – Ask for the order!______________________________________ 159
Letting the universe provide? _____________________________________ 162
Just Be You _____________________________________________________ 166
Distinguish Between The Concept And The Techniques ____________ 171
Start From Where You Are Now ___________________________________ 173


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