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Bob Bly – Become A Recognized Authority In Your Field – In 60 Days Or Less (OCR) [eBook (PDF, MOBI, EPUB)

Bob Bly – Become a Recognized Expert in Your Field in 60 Days or Less
[eBook (PDF, MOBI, EPUB)

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How to Become a Recognized Authority in Your Field-In 60 Days or Less!

— There are dozens of books on public relations, self promotion, and publicity — but no books that focus on positioning an individual as the recognized authority in his or her field.

— The author is a living example of someone who has become a recognized expert in his field through the very advice he covers in this book.

— Leading the Pack uses both the author’s personal experiences in becoming an expert in his field as well as examples of well-known figures who have obtained “leader” status.

Leading the Pack is the first book to show the average practitioner in any field how, through a deliberate plan of self-promotion, they too can quickly elevate themselves to expert status-and become the preferred source of advice and service in their market, and eliminate the need to make cold calls and do the selling ordinary vendors do. The book is based on both the author’s personal experience in becoming the recognized leader in his niche (direct marketing) as well as case histories of others who have established “leader” status using the methods outlined in the book.

Most Helpful Customer Reviews

In 60 days or less??? Maybe if days were 168 hrs each. [4 Stars]
Don’t get me wrong, the book overall is full of useful information. It was worth the buy. BUT no real explanation is given in how this “recognition as an Authoritive figure in your field” can be obtained in “60 days or less”. These words are part of the title which is what absolutely grabbed my attention and pursuaded me to purchase the book.

Guess I was expecting a suggested “plan of action” along with a recommend “time line” for those actions. The Contents page refers to “The Action Plan” on page 32. Here you do find an overview of “the plan” which lists the major items that should be attempted, but thats all that given. In later chapters the author even points out how some of the items listed may take months or (in the example of “write and publish a book) could possibly take a couple of years. Many other items noted would be difficult (but I suppose, not impossible) to accomplish within 60 days.

But all of the items listed as being “required” and the details and explanations given are very good, and explained clearly. The book’s title is perfect if the words “In 60 Days or Less” were to be removed.
So in summary “this book tells you should and need to to do, except how to accomplish the tasks in ’60 days or less ‘, BUT the book is still worth the read.

I’ll tell you how to do it right here – Write a Book. [4 Stars]
First of all you are not going to become a recognized authority or guru in 60 days as the title suggests. Second you probably can figure out without reading the book that to become a guru you need to write a book.

OK that’s the bad news. The good news is that Bly is a good writer. He should be he does it for a living at least part time. So the book is an easy read tightly written, succinct and to the point. Mr. Bly gives the reader a lot of important tips on how to get close to guru-ship besides telling you to write a book. If you are interested in being a consultant, doing seminars or an intellectual just looking for publicity, Mr. Bly gives excellent insight on how to do just that. I would definitely recommend this book on that basis.

Clearly presented, useful information I can use [5 Stars]
A few days ago, I received my copy of “Become a Recognized Authority In Your Field In 60 Days or Less!” and it is remarkable. I’m already doing many of the things noted, however, the details you provide really close the loop in my efforts. For example, the 60-day “Become a Guru” action plan puts each step into perspective helping me to stay focused on my niche and message.

Actually, my niche was too broad and unfocused, until I got this book. The “skills exercise” on page 16 helped me develop a clear assessment of what I can give to my customers. The book told me about the importance of a balanced niche and then throughout the reset of the chapters instructed me on how to share what it means to my customers.

This book is well laid out, easy to read, and knowledge packed. The table of contents is detailed; I find myself using this handbook as a reference tool while developing marketing plans or just tuning my image. Though I could easily reference materials, I think I benefited most from reading the book once from cover-to-cover.

“Become a Recognized Authority in Your Field In 60 Days or Less!” shares what most people feel about gurus, even provides some insights on where to concentrate your efforts. This book isn’t going to help you hide a lack of skill. I recommend `Becoming a Recognized Authority’ for anyone who truly has talent to share and is interested becoming the name to know in their target market.

About the Author

Robert W. Bly became a self-made millionaire without selling, marketing, or going to prospect meetings-ever. He achieved this by positioning himself as a recognized authority in a small niche field: direct mail copywriting. He is the author of 50 books, many of which are on marketing, direct mail, writing, and communication, and has taught marketing and writing at New York University.

We currently have this book already, as part of the original “Must Have Business Book Collection.” ()

However, the OCR of the PDF in that collection isn’t very good and the EPUB and MOBI versions display on devices as one image per page, instead of text. This product makes the book much more readable (with pretty good OCR) and much smaller in size.

As such, permissions are PU+. All thanks go to the original uploader!


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