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Bob Serling – Killer Copywriting Simplified

[7xPDF, Word and JPEGs]

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This products includes:
6 x PDF for the six main volumes of the course
1 x PDF for the Big Book of Bonuses that come with the course
6 x JPEG scans of the volume covers for those who want them (if you don’t just uncheck them in your product client)
1 x folder of Word files which are the templates mentioned below

This is everything supplied with the course.


Summaryof Sales Pitch:

Bob Serling, author of the infamous “$25 million letter” and the man Bob Bly calls one of “the world’s best copywriters” is not available to write copy at any price. But you can learn every last one of his power copywriting techniques and short cuts that can realistically double or triple the selling power of all your emails, web pages, sales letters, and space ads. It’s all here in his powerful new course.

You could be getting similar or even better results for your business by using my insider’s secrets for creating copy that’s packed with massive selling power. And it’s much easier than you might think, thanks to my new Killer Copywriting Cheat Sheet that lets anyone write powerful winners as quickly and easily as possible. You’ll discover all my inside secrets, strategies and techniques for creating blockbuster copy in my new course, Killer Copywriting Simplified.

I’ve tested and perfected an ingenious new Killer Copywriting Cheat Sheet that lets you create powerful sales letters, web pages, emails and space ads faster and more effectively than anything you’ve ever seen.

The Cheat Sheet breaks any marketing piece down into just seven “power blocks” that can be plugged in quickly and easily to create the kind of copy that produces maximum sales. This lets you create powerful copy each and every time with minimum time and effort, because the same seven “power blocks” apply to any kind of copy you’re writing. There are minor differences on how and when to apply each block depending on the type of marketing piece you’re creating, but using the Cheat Sheet makes writing killer copy as close to automatic as you could ever hope for.

You’ll find the Cheat Sheet and all my other new power copywriting techniques in Killer Copywriting Simplified. But that’s not all, because you’ll also get my Killer Copywriting Cheat Sheet Templates for four different types of marketing pieces — emails, web pages, sales letters, and space ads — that take all the guesswork out of creating response boosting winners. Just open a template on your computer, follow the simple, step-by-step instructions for each type of marketing piece, and you’ll be able to repeatedly create powerful copy whenever you need it.

Regardless of whether you’re a seasoned copywriter or a complete beginner, you will master the ability to use my simple Cheat Sheets to quickly and easily create highly profitable sales copy. I absolutely guarantee your success — or you won’t pay a dime.

Killer Copywriting Simplified is a comprehensive course that gives you the ability to create powerful email, web pages, sales letters, and space ads on demand. There are five volumes in the course — each with it’s own Cheat Sheet Templates — that will have you writing high-profit winners in no time.


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