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Bob Serling – Millionaire Licensing

Bob Serling – Millionaire Licensing
[11 Audio CDs (Wav) + 7 DVDs (Rips) + 4 ebooks (PDF + Doc)]

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This is for the GB at:

The Millionaire Licensing Club

“How to License Business Ideas, Marketing Campaigns,

and Napkin Notes for Millions”

If you do nothing else, be sure to read the first three pages of this letter. Because I’m going to show you two simple, very real ways to use my “Money for Nothing” licensing strategies to put at least five figures in your bank account in just the next few weeks. Then in the rest of this letter, I’ll reveal all seven of my proprietary licensing strategies that will let you build a multi-million dollar business in record time.

Best of all, these strategies are called “Money for Nothing” for good reason. Because all of them can be done with little or no expense — without any prior experience — without employees — without a web site — without a customer list — and without the stress of a typical job or business.

But don’t wait to read this letter — because there have been well over a hundred thousand folks who are frothing at the mouth, lined up to get in on this offer since word first got out…

GB Buyers: Immediately
VIP+:         28 days
PU :           60 days
User:         Never

If for some reason I forgot to whitelist somebody please let me know via pm.

Enjoy.  :-)

Edit:  I’ve been getting a lot of questions on this.  Just for your peace of mind, everything that I’ve received is already in this upload.

I believe that the 3rd component and checklist mentioned in the course refers to the quickstart blueprint.  Because I have not received anything else aside from that.

There was one book I didn’t scan called the “marketing arsenal”.  Since it’s the exact same thing as the Doc and ebook found inside the 12th data cd, scanning it would be redundant.  

Hope this answers some of the concerns.


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