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Bob Serling – Online Profits at the Speed of Light

Bob Serling – Online Profits at the Speed of Light
[eBook (PDF)]

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Online Profits at the Speed of Light

32 leading experts reveal the fastest, cheapest, most effective
ways to supercharge your online marketing

There’s a lot of hype surrounding Internet marketing. Everyone claims to have the latest “new thing” or magic bullet. Yet the only online marketing most of these so-called “experts” have done is the marketing of their “get rich on the Internet” course or ebook.

Well, I got fed up with all of this and decided to do something about it. So I invited 32 of the most effective, trustworthy marketing experts I know to help me create a collection of powerful techniques you can rely on to get exceptional results. AND — I told them that it couldn’t take more than 15 minutes to learn any technique and be ready to put it into action.

The roster of experts for this program — and the inside information they reveal — is exceptional. I promise you won’t be disappointed. And you’ll finally gain the skills you really need to market more effectively online.

Ilise Benun… Bob Bly… John Carlton… David Congreave… Dave Dee… Randy Gage…
Allan Gardyne… David Garfinkel… Derek Gehl… Paul Hartunian… Shel Horowitz…
John Jantsch… Allan Katz… Audri Lanford… Jim Lanford… Paul Lemberg…
Steve MacLellan… Clayton Makepeace… Perry Marshall… Ken McCarthy…
George McKenzie… Robert Middleton… Steve Morsa… Paul Myers… Tim Paulson…
Joe Polish… Bob Scheinfeld… Bob Serling (that’s me)… Yanik Silver… Joe Vitale…
Jeff Walker… and Pamela Yellen.

Sales Letter:

I PAID $79 for this.  It has some awesome advice for those with online businesses.  I hope you’re able to boost your profits from these ideas.

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