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Bob Serling – Six Week Info Product Workshop

[12 Audios (M4B) + 13 Workbooks (DOC + PDF)]

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This was an exclusive coaching program offered by Bob Serling to help people to kick start their information products business. This product also contains the core material from Bob’s Infoproduct Masters Course.

The audios are in M4B format which is Apple’s Audiobook format (also used by Audible, the audiobook company). I convert all my MP3s to this format because even if you stop the track and start listening to something else, you can come back to the track and it remembers your position. There are also chapters so you can skip within the audio. Much better than MP3 IMHO.

Please note that this Is Exclusive To The Vault. Sharing Anywhere Else Will Result In Being Banned (And A Swift Kick In The Rear From Me If I Find You!)

Here’s part of the sales letter…

Join Me for this Powerful New Workshop
and in Just 6 Weeks I’ll Personally
Guide You in Creating Your Own Information
Product – Finished, Packaged, Ready to Ship
or Download, and Racking Up Cash-Paying
Orders 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

From: Bob Serling

If you’ve ever wanted to enjoy all the benefits that come with having your own information product, here’s a quick and easy solution to the biggest problem that’s been stopping you — actually creating your own product.

You see, the biggest complaint I hear from people who want to enter the lucrative world of information product marketing — or from people who are already in it but would like to have a lot more products — is that they just can’t get over the hurdle of actually creating that product.

However, that problem is about to vanish into thin air. In my new 6-Week Info Product Workshop, I’m going to take a small group of people and personally guide them step-by-step in creating their own hot-selling information product.

Better yet, I’m going to give you a complete system for duplicating those results again and again as many times as you want. Put my system to work right now and a year from now you can easily have five or six information products generating a steady stream of income while you sit back and relax.

Don’t Have a Topic Yet? No Problem

Even if you have no idea what topic to create your product on right now, you can’t help but succeed. Because the first step in my system is a simple, foolproof method of picking the best topics possible for hot-selling information products. And if you already have a topic picked out, chances are strong that this step will help you improve it substantially.

The 6-week product creation process itself is an absolute blast. And it couldn’t be any easier. So I’m more than happy to give you this iron-clad guarantee:

By the end of this 6 weeks, you’ll either have your own information product — consisting of a 2-CD set or a manual and CD, with a selling price of at least $47 to $97 — complete and ready to take to market — or the entire workshop is absolutely FREE.

And that’s just the start, because this workshop goes miles beyond what other programs teach, and is packed with these eight powerful components:

1. Your own finished information product in just six weeks. How can you possibly create a quality product so quickly? By using my proven “6-Week Information Product Blueprint” that takes all the guessing out of the process, reduces the work and time it takes to create your product to the bare minimum, and delivers a fantastic product you’ll be proud to sell.

2. The “6-Week Information Product Blueprint” manual. Your success doesn’t stop after the six week workshop. This manual lays out the entire process in step-by-step detail. Use it as often as you like to create all the information products you’ll ever need for your business.

3. How to turn a single product into an entire product line. You’ll learn my powerful “expanding assets strategy” that lets you easily take the exact same product you create during this six weeks and turn it into high-ticket product extensions that sell for $200 to $3,500 and up.

4. How to spin off many additional, completely different product lines from your original product. You’ll discover my stealth secret of “transportable products” you can use to spin off an ongoing stream of completely different, high-profit products that will ramp up your profits exponentially.

5. Your own copy of my Information Products Master Course. This comprehensive, four-volume course includes everything you’ll ever need to create and market your own information products.

6. BONUS #1: My “Information Products Vendor Rolodex”. Chock full of the vendors you’ll need for the equipment, software, shipping services, credit card services, printing, audio and video duplicating — and much more. The time and money you’ll save with this resource is massive.

7. BONUS #2: How to get your information product professionally recorded for FREE. This is all new material that I’ve never taught anywhere. Powerful and simple to use, it cuts your product development time to practically nothing – and your costs to zero.

8. BONUS #3: Your own Information Products Mastermind Group. You’ll become a member of a like-minded community of information product marketers you can always rely on for feedback, advice, and answers to almost any question you have on creating and marketing your information products.

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