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Bob Sullivan, Hugh Thompson – The Plateau Effect: Getting From Stuck to Success

Bob Sullivan, Hugh Thompson – The Plateau Effect; Getting from Stuck to Success
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The Plateau Effect: Getting From Stuck to Success (Unabridged)

Written by: Bob Sullivan, Hugh Thompson
Narrated by: Don Hagen
Duration: 9 hrs and 6 mins
Release Date: 05-02-13
Publisher: Gildan Media, LLC

Publisher’s Summary

The Plateau Effect is a powerful law of nature that affects everyone. Learn to identify plateaus and break through any stagnancy in your life – from diet and exercise, to work, to relationships. The Plateau Effect shows how athletes, scientists, therapists, companies, and musicians around the world are learning to break through their plateau – to turn off the forces that cause people to “get used to” things – and turn on human potential and happiness in ways that seemed impossible.

The audiobook identifies three key flattening forces that generate plateaus, two principles to guide listeners in engineering a plateau’s destruction, and three actions to take to achieve peak behavior. It helps us to stop wasting time on things that are no longer of value and to focus on the things that leverage our time and energy in spectacular ways. Anything you want to do better – play guitar, make friends, communicate with your children, run a business – you can accomplish faster by understanding the plateau effect.


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