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Brendon Burchard – Certified High Performance Coaching

Brandon Burchard – Certified High Performance Coaching – Compressed
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Dear Friend,

Each year, I train new people to become a Certified High Performance Coach™. I have a limited number of spots open for our   training.

In this short letter, I’ll attempt to convince you to take one of the spots, immediately, before it’s too late, no matter your background.

However, I will not try to convince you that life coaching is fulfilling and lucrative. You’ve already heard how the life coaching and executive coaching industry has exploded in growth. You know that millions of entrepreneurs, executives, athletes, and every day strivers have hired life coaches to help them improve their lives and reach new levels of potential and performance.

You know that everyone who wants to succeed today, in any position, in any organization, must know how to coach others to be their best. If people work for you, then you have to help them be better. If you serve clients, then you have to coach them to perform their best.

You also probably know that anyone can claim to be a ‘life coach. ’And that most coaches don’t know what they are doing and constantly struggle. It’s not their fault. The problem is that traditional coaching certifications are sadly just freshmen-level courses on interpersonal communication skills—learn to listen better! build rapport! manage conflict! collaborate toward solutions!—disguised as business opportunities.

Real coaches don’t just repeatedly ask their clients, “So, how’s it going? What should we work on today?

What are your goals, and where are you stuck?” If that’s what you think coaching is, then you’ve been blindsided by stereotypes or never been exposed to elite-level coaching. It’s a travesty that most ‘professional coaching certifications ’don’t teach you how to start, make money as a coach, or guide clients through truly transformative sessions. They don’t teach you how to grow your brand and live an incredible lifestyle as a coach.

That’s why this is an important letter. I’d like to teach you to become an elite-level coach fast, no matter what you do now, no matter your background. I know that might sound crazy, especially if you’re new. But I honestly don’t know of a better way for you to transform people’s lives so deeply, and this career can be so rewarding and transformative for you.

If you agree, then perhaps this is something for you to explore further, with me as your guide. If you care about helping others; if you are armed with a proven coaching process; if you learn from the best; if you have a coaching community to learn from and leverage… well, then the world is yours.

Truly, the world belongs to those who know how to help others change and hit high performance. In fact, I believe that all the great results in my life have come from knowing how to help people reach higher levels of potential and performance. It’s why I enjoy my career so much—it’s a true honor to help people live their best lives and serve their highest calling.

You know enough about me, so let me share why I know that becoming a Certified High Performance Coach™ is right for you:

1. Coaching isn’t about your background or personality. It’s about your client and a process that is proven to help them reach their potential faster. I’ll show you how to get clients, and I’ll personally train you on a process that helps anyone, anywhere, reach higher performance and results (in any area of their life). Stop worrying if you’re credible enough because it’s not about you or your background—it’s about the client and your process for helping them achieve and grow.

2. Coaching starts with your heart. If you care for people, then I can train you to do this. You don’t have to know how to do this right now—it’s my job to train and certify you. You attend Certification Week with an open heart, and I’ll show you the process and business.

3. Coaching is best taught by a real coach. I’ve trained more high-level coaches than anyone in the industry, and I’m the highest-paid active high performance coach in the world. I know what works and how to get you up to speed.

4. Coaching isn’t far off—you can start right away. Look, I know you’re in a hurry. You don’t want to waste your time going from guru to guru or seminar to seminar to become a highly-paid coach. You want to get to work now—to change lives now—following a proven process. I’ll give you that process and in turn you’ll save dozens of years off your learning curve. You can truly start now.

Is this resonating with you? If so, I’d like to give you the same coaching process I would use for any highly driven individual. It’s a process that would help anyone from any walk of life achieve the extraordinary. It’s also the same process I use with senior executives, global superstars, Olympic athletes, and many of the world’s most influential people. It works, and you can do it.

I’m even happy to give you my session outlines, marketing templates, ads, direct mail letters, postcards, enrollment scripts, evaluation forms, client homework assignments—everything you need to get going.

So, would you like me to train and certify you? If so, let’s get started! — Brendon


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