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Brendon Burchard – Thought Leader Roadmap

Brendon Burchard – Thought Leader Roadmap (2016)
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Brendon Burchard – Thought Leader Roadmap – Experts Academy 2016 Bonus

How I do marketing – LIVE next week just for you guys

“How did you do it, Brendon?”

I get asked this all the time, so next week, just to say THANK YOU, I’m doing something unprecedented…

I’m going to teach you how I did it all: how I built my brand, became a bestseller, enlisted millions of fans, created online courses, achieved worldwide reach and influence sharing my advice.

I’ll teach you how to become a highly-paid, extremely popular author, speaker, coach, and online trainer… starting from SCRATCH.
I’ll show you how to build your subscriber list, design your curriculum, and package your content into something people can buy.
I’ll share how to start, what marketing strategies to use or avoid, which systems to use, and how I would do it if I had to start all over again.
I’ll describe how I started from 0 on social media and quickly grew to 3.9MM fans on Facebook, #1 on iTunes, and 50,000,000 video views in 12 months

And I’m doing all this for you, for free, for four days … LIVE!

Starting Wednesday, January 27th to Saturday, January 30th, I’m filming a new marketing course.

I’ll sell it later this year for thousands of dollars.But you can watch me film it LIVE, at no cost.
Yep, you can learn it all at no cost. And you can ask questions, too.

Agenda below.
As you can see, it’s not a bunch of long sales pitches. It’s me training an actual course, for about 5 hours per day.
It’s world-class marketing training for modern thought leaders.
I decided to do this because you guys have given me so much throughout my career.
I’m doing this because I want to see you succeed sharing your own voice and content with the world.
You’ve been sooo amazing sharing my work lately.

(If you missed the 2015 recap with the amazing stats, here it is).
So I wanted to do something amazing for you.

I’ve never seen someone broadcast LIVE the filming of an entire online course, for free. Certainly not at this level. It’ll be fun – no editing, no second chances or takes. Just me with you LIVE for four days.
Because I will later sell it, there will be no replay.
Below is the agenda. Join for as much as you can.

I’ve said it for years:
You can make a difference (and a fortune) sharing your advice with the world.

Next week, I’ll teach you exactly HOW.
You don’t even have to register. I’ll drop you an email with the link next week, and another email when we start.
For everyone out there who has helped me share my voice, this one is for you,

– Brendon

All times Pacific Standard Time
Wednesday, January 27th, 2016
Theme: Starting Out, Positioning Your Story, Expertise and Brand

11:00am – Noon: How I started and 5 Biggest Lessons Learned
12:00-12:10pm: Break for Brendon
12:10-1:00pm: Creating a Modern Thought Leader Business Model
1:00-1:10pm: Break
1:10-2:00pm: Telling Your Story and Building Credibility
2:00-2:10pm: Break
2:10-3:00pm: Why People Will Buy From YOU… forever
3:00-3:10pm: Break
3:10-4:00pm: Q&A and Giveaways

Thursday, January 28th, 2016
Theme: Packaging Your Content to Sell
11:00am – Noon: What You Should (and Shouldn’t) Sell
12:00-12:10pm: Break for Brendon
12:10-1:00pm: How to Create Blockbuster Curriculum and Courses
1:00-1:10pm: Break
1:10-2:00pm: Master Training Secrets to Help Your Students Achieve More
2:00-2:10pm: Break
2:10-3:00pm: Leveraging My “Integrated” Model to Sell and Scale
3:00-3:10pm: Break
3:10-4:00pm: Q&A and Giveaways

Friday, January 29th, 2016
Theme: Promoting Your Brand and Products Online
11:00am – Noon: The Million-Dollar “Grid” to Building Your Expert Empire
12:00-12:10pm: Break for Brendon
12:10-1:00pm: Why Most “Funnels” Don’t Work
1:00-1:10pm: Break
1:10-2:00pm: Launches and Webinars
2:00-2:10pm: Break
2:10-3:00pm: Social Media Explosion Techniques
3:00-3:10pm: Break
3:10-4:00pm: Q&A and Giveaways

Saturday, January 30th, 2016
Theme: Team and 10X Marketing Strategies to Grow Faster
11:00am – Noon: 5 Worst Marketing Mistakes
12:00-12:10pm: Break for Brendon
12:10-1:00pm: Staffing Up and Scaling Your Brand
1:00-1:10pm: Break
1:10-2:00pm: Promotional Partner Secrets
2:00-2:10pm: Break
2:10-3:00pm: Creating Lifelong Raving Fans and Students
3:00-3:10pm: Break
3:10-4:00pm: Q&A and Giveaways

Again, there will be no replay because I’ll be selling the course later this year.
I just figured I was filming it anyway, so might as well let you guys watch me do it for free.
My simple thanks for being awesome. – Brendon


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