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Brian O. Underhill & Kimcee McAnally & John J. Koriath – Executive Coaching for Results

Brian O. Underhill, Kimcee McAnally, John J. Koriath – Executive Coaching for Results (2007).pdf
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Executive Coaching for Results: The Definitive Guide to Developing Organizational Leaders

Book Description
The first comprehensive guide to using executive coaching in organizations
• Based on the authors’ rigorous original research with dozens of leading companies
• Includes extensive case studies, examples of coaching tools, advice on measuring ROI, and much more
• The field of executive coaching is growing at an astonishing rate. Corporations are increasingly turning to coaching as an intervention, as it offers leaders and managers both on-the-job learning and built-in follow-up. Human resource and leadership development practitioners must wade through a wilderness of conflicting information about when to use coaching, how to do it well, and how to evaluate the cost-effectiveness and success of any coaching intervention.
• Executive Coaching for Results helps this critical leadership development technique come of age. This is not a how-to-coach book—there are already plenty of those—but rather a comprehensive guide on how to strategically use coaching to maximize development of talent and link the impact of coaching to bottom-line results. Underhill, McAnally, and Koriath draw on their rigorous original research with Fortune 1000 and Global 500 companies such as Dell, Sony, Johnson & Johnson, Disney, Unilever, Wal-Mart, and many others to cover topics like coaching as part of an overall leader­ship development strategy; typical activities and instruments used during coach­ing; costs of coaching; development of an internal coaching program; selection of the right coach for the job; the ROI of coaching; follow-up after coaching; and much more.
• Offering practical learning, best practices, and illuminating case studies, this is the first definitive guide to the effective use of executive coaching in the corporate environment.

Product Details
Print Length: 189 pages
Publisher: Berrett-Koehler Publishers (November 1, 2007)
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
Language: English
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About the Authors
Brian O. Underhill, Ph.D. Brian O. Underhill, Ph.D., is an industry-recognized expert in the design and management of global executive coaching implementations. Brian is the Founder of CoachSource. He oversees worldwide coaching operations through a pool of over 600 leadership coaches. His executive coaching work helps executives achieve positive, measurable, long-term change in leadership behavior. Brian is the engagement leader for the High-Impact Executive Coaching research study. His most recent article on Agilent Technologies’ coaching program appears in Coaching for Leadership, second edition, (Pfeiffer: 2006) and Best Practices in Leadership Development and Organization Change (Pfeiffer: 2005). He is a regular speaker at The Conference Board, Linkage, ASTD New York and LA, HRPS New York, PCMA and other industry events. Brian’s clients include Agilent Technologies, AT&T, CalPERS, Dell, Johnson & Johnson, Motorola, and Sony. His nonprofit work has benefited the Drucker Foundation, St. Vincent de Paul Village, and the Union Rescue Mission. Brian has a Ph.D. in organizational psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology, and a psychology degree from the University of Southern California. Brian lives near Silicon Valley with his wife Lisa and children Kaitlyn and Evan. He is an avid soccer player and musician. He can be reached at: [email protected] or

Kimcee McAnally, Ph.D. Dr. McAnally’s background includes over 20 years working in or consulting for businesses in the areas of strategy development, leadership development, executive coaching, training and education, and change management. She holds a B.A. in psychology and a master’s and Ph.D. in organizational psychology. Her consulting practice includes developing executive coaching and leadership development programs; planning and designing transition strategies; facilitating workshops and strategy sessions; developing training and education programs; company culture change; designing organizational and employee assessments; creating new organizational structures, roles, and responsibilities; communication planning and strategies; improving group processes; and transitions for implementation of new processes and technology in companies. Dr. McAnally also operates a research organization providing industry shared-research, directed-research, and thought-leadership. Her research background includes academic research, practical industry-wide studies, and written reports, articles, and publications. Dr. McAnally’s client list includes large and small companies representing retail, healthcare, grocery, and manufacturing industries. Her clients include American Eagle Outfitters,, Barnes & Noble Booksellers, eToys, Dockers Khaki’s, Hallmark Specialty Retail Group, HealthCare Partners, JC Penney, Jos. A Bank, Limited Inc., Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Party City, Rockwell International, Sears Canada, Sony Electronics, Teleflora, TJMaxx, Victoria’s Secret Direct, and Wal-Mart. Kimcee can be reached at [email protected]

John Jay Koriath, Ph.D. Dr. Koriath is a psychologist with a multidisciplinary career. He is President of Full Circle Learning, Inc. and Vice President, Leadership Through Personal Development at ExecutiveNetworks, Inc. where has helped to create and deliver a community of practice networking experience to leaders of Fortune 1000 companies. John has held various positions with Executive Development Associates, Inc., and was VP of Research directing the seminal research study this book presents. John is drawn to projects, people, and relationships that seek to bring positive change to twenty-first century living. He approaches his work with a diverse set of skills and experiences gathered in a career as an educator, scientist, and therapist. John is a cofounder of the Turtle Island Project, a nonprofit organization whose programs integrate principles of mind and body through the teachings of Native American rituals and ceremonies. John is a student and instructor in the martial art of Aikido. John also served for ten years on the faculty of Arizona State University, where he taught in the field of psychology. During that time he conducted psychophysiological research, in part as the Flinn Foundation Fellow for Cardiovascular Research. Dr. Koriath published a variety of articles and book chapters while in academia. More recently his chapter, “Using Communities of Practice to Extend Learning beyond Classroom Walls,” was in The Future of Executive Development, James F. Bolt, ed., 2005, Executive Development Associates, Inc. He also coauthored High-Impact Executive Coaching, research conducted with Executive Development Associates, Inc. in 2005.

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