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Brian Tracy – The 6-Figure Speaker: The Ultimate Blueprint to Build a Business as a Highly-Paid Professional Speaker

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The 6-Figure Speaker: The Ultimate Blueprint to Build a Business as a Highly-Paid Professional Speaker
by Brian Tracy

2016 | EPUB | 150 pages | ASIN: B01CD98BUG | English | 0.1 MB

The 6-Figure Speaker: Your Guide To A Successful (And Lucrative) Career As A Professional Speaker

In The 6-Figure Speaker, Brian Tracy reveals why public speaking is the most powerful (but often ignored) way to build your business.

By creating raving fans, deeply connecting with your audience, and putting forth your burning message you can quickly establish yourself as the “go-to” authority in your industry.

After giving over 5,000 talks in 70 countries Brian has become one of highest paid and most sought after public speakers in the world. And in this new book he reveals everything he’s learned over his 30 year career.

It’s a must-read for anyone who wants to create a successful speaking career. Inside the 6-Figure Speaker, you’ll get all the tips, tricks, strategies and secrets Brian has used to build a speaking empire.

With the lessons in this book, you’ll be able to build your own business as a 6-Figure Speaker.

This book will show you:

The 7 habits all 6-figure speakers use to stay fully booked, charge higher fees, and deliver the types of speeches that get them re-booked again and again

The 4 point bullet plan for a 20 minute speech and how to easily expand it for 40, 60 and even 90 minute speeches.

How to craft an electrifying title to your speech that has people saying “I’ve got to hear that” even if they’ve never heard of you!

A step-by-step action plan to take everything you’ve learned and start building your business as a 6-figure speaker today.

Amazon Reviews:

5.0 out of 5 stars
The Quintessential How-To On Becoming A Speaker
By Malaika Simmons on March 7, 2016

True to Brian Tracy’s inclination to be practical and deliver immediately useful information, this book is another game-changer! This book proves that success is not easy, but it is simple. How do you know if you should be a speaker? You can be an excellent speaker if you are “someone who cannot NOT speak”. If you understand that you are half way there.

This book is not about how he “thinks” you can become a successful speaker, it is about how you can follow a very specific, very tested, and proven strategy to become an excellent speaker regardless of your background. I love the very real approach to how to get started. Brian walks you through many nuances and habits of excellent speakers. From creating your vision, to overcoming fear of public speaking, delivering a perfect presentation to becoming the best in your field. You can use this book to start, restart or jumpstart your speaking career! This is truly an A-Z strategic gem from one of the most gifted speakers in the world!

5.0 out of 5 stars
Great road map to overcoming fear and building confidence…great for beginners!
By Gary Massari on March 8, 2016

Brian makes it easy to read, easy to understand and easy to follow. I have read most of Brian’s books and have my favorites, but this book is special because it helps people to get over the fear and maps out the steps that are comfortable to follow. Being an author I would highly recommend this book whether you plan on being a national speaker, or simply laying out a presentation.

5.0 out of 5 stars
This book is amazing. Brian Tracy is a master of his field
By Brigette Brandon on March 8, 2016

This book is amazing. Brian Tracy is a master of his field. His advice is so practical he makes me believe that I can achieve a 6-figure income as a public speaker. I will continue to use this as my blueprint. Thanks for sharing your wisdom Mr. Tracy!

5.0 out of 5 stars
Recommended for anyone who would like to improve their speaking skills .
By treasure hunter on March 9, 2016

I don’t want to be a great speaker and probably never could be If I tryed LOL but this book gave me many great pointers to help me become a better speaker . and I’m grateful for that.


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