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Bushra Azhar – Email Persuasion Sequence 2.0

Email Persuasion Sequence 2.0
[10 Videos (MP4) + 16 eBooks (PDF + DOC) + 1 Spreadsheet (slsx)]

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Email Persuasion Sequence System
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The ONLY Email System that…
Consistently Pumps Out as Much as $2,000…even $5,000 per email…
From Itty Bitty Email Lists of less than 1,000 People

Gives you every single email you will ever need to send your list…..just swipe,
hit send and cha-ching!

Imagine This….

You wake up, get a caffeine injection, churn out a quick email, hit SEND and sit
back as the sales roll in..Could there be anything more satisfying than that?

Actually… yes.  It’s much more satisfying (gratifying and rewarding) to…

… automatically set up an email sequence ONCE and watch sales roll in EVERY
DAY as you get that caffeine injection.

Because each email in that sequence acts as a psychological hook…an anchor
that hooks your subscribers, pulls them slowly but surely towards you and
makes them buy!

NOTE =>EPS is the first licensed-based system that gives you scripts and
swipe files for every single email you will ever need to send to your list.
Everything from the welcome email to prelaunch emails to webinar reminder
emails to flash sales sequence to closing soon emails to sign up for my beta
test emails…EVERYTHING!


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