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Callan Rush – Wealth Through Workshops

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Her Bio and story:

How did I get here? It’s interesting. I have degrees in both Psychology and education and started my career out as a public and private school teacher… teaching everything from Kindergarten to Grade 12.

But as I saw my class sizes get larger, and my access to resources go down, I decided I wanted to step outside the ‘system’ and positively impact lives in another realm. I wanted to keep teaching just not in the traditional way. So I transitioned to working for one of the largest Personal Growth Seminar Companies in the world.

I did everything from putting out chairs, to passing out handouts, to taking out the trash! Working behind the scenes and at the back of the room, I had the great fortune to witness thousands of people across North America get deeply transformed by those events.

I quickly got promoted from my back of the room role, to the front of the room. I started getting personal mentorship from the owner of the company as I acted as his assistant. He mentored me, and before I knew it I was working on stage alongside him. He is a multi-millionaire, best-selling author, and a man with a great amount of heart and business savvy.

He encouraged me, inspired me, and one day I decided I wanted a room of my own. So I quit working for him to start my own workshop company. And, right out of the gates, it flopped. I couldn’t get 5 people to attend my events. I tried everything from switching topics, to changing titles, to moving back to my small hometown where I knew a lot of people. And, after a particularly dismal failure where I tried to promote an event I was hosting for an entire year and ended up getting only 17 women to show up… I had a realization. I could be the best teacher on the planet with degrees and mentorship coming out my ears, I could have the most important message, I could even have the cure to cancer and none of it mattered unless I started to learn how to magnetize the people who really needed my message to my business.

That’s when I started to study. I attended every seminar, workshop, webinar & teleclass I could find on how to fill, design, deliver and sell life changing, lucrative events. Things started making sense to me. I then started mentoring with a gentleman who had consulted with some of the biggest seminar leaders in the industry on how to fill their events. He taught me everything he knew about magnetizing an audience.

Six months after starting my learning journey I offered another event. And… not only did I sell it out, but I made a quarter of a million dollars in just 3 days! That launched my business – and since then – I haven’t looked back. My company, Leader to Luminary Training has grown by 50% every year since I opened my doors. Last year, we had our first million dollar year!

I have the incredibly good fortune of showing other healers, holistic practitioners,
authors, coaches and other workshop leaders how to not only choose the content for their workshops, retreats and seminars… but how to pack them with the exact perfect people.

And how to design and deliver them in a Mesmerizing and Monetizing fashion.
Because of that, we continue to grow and reach more people. It’s awesome!
Live Events are the single best way to reach a lot of people, and make a lot of money and the time has NEVER been better to get in. Let me show you the proof.


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