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CardRunners -Pavel Verneer- Building a bankroll 2014

Cardrunners Building a Bankroll 2014 by Verneer
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You can watch how to build a bankroll with Verneer
You can download the pdf also here:

On January 1st of 2011, I deposited $200 in my Full Tilt Poker account and challenged myself to turn it into $10,000. Exactly 100 days later, I met my goal (see figure 1-1). My bankroll had reached five-figures in just 83 actual “playing” days. Ironically, I reached my objective the day before Black Friday.
I wrote this book to serve as a foundation for how this can be replicated, and
in some cases, done even faster and better.
Anyone can become a winning poker player. Most don’t. As I listen to students and read the forums, it becomes abundantly clear that most people are focused on the wrong things.


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