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Carl Galletti – Copy Magic

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“This is the transcript of an interview where Len Thurmond and Ray McNally dragged all of my coypwriting secrets out of me. Very insightful. Lots of good stuff.”

Sales Letter…


“Copy Magic:
How To Use Words
To Sell Your Products

Dear Internet Marketer,

   If you’ve ever wondered why your web site is not getting the kind of sales that all the experts claim you should be getting, you might want to take a look at your copy, because…

Copy is Like MAGIC

   When you have the right words (i.e., the right COPY), your sales will light up like magic. And that’s what Copy Magic is all about: how to increase your sales like never before.

   In this ebook, expert copywriter, Carl Galletti (that’s me , is interviewed by top Internet marketers, Len Thurmond (Editor of The Affiliate Review) and Ray McNally (creator of Affiliate Page Generator, etc.).

   Here is just a sample of what you will learn…

   No matter what you are trying to sell, find out what it all comes down to

   What it takes to get people to buy what you are trying to sell

   The key to getting your web marketing to work

   One of the least expensive, yet most powerful ways to drive traffic to your site…using copy

   An extremely effective tool for getting traffic to your site, yet few realize it because it is not primarily known for it (it could be your secret weapon)

   A little known copy technique that can drive tons of traffic to your site and there’s little competition for it…if you use this special approach

   One of the best techniques of selling on the Internet

   What salesmanship-in-print really means

   What salesmanship really is

   The first thing you have to do when addressing a targeted market

   The biggest problem people have when trying to write copy…and how to avoid it, including a very effective exercise that insures your success

   Famous Copywriter Gene Schwartz’s Secret System for writing copy (it Really works)

   The secret that most professional writers follow but seldom tell you about

   How to gently force yourself to write copy from the buyer’s point of view

   How to transition your writing to make it much better

   What you must address at the beginning of your copy

   What all your readers want

   A simple technique that can easily double, triple or even quadruple your sales

   The word that is almost magical when used in your headlines

   The one word that is used in the most effective headlines of all time

   How to come up with the best title for your book

   How headlines got started and what they really do

   The copywriting formula that almost everybody has wrong (by understanding it’s true meaning you will have a leg up on your competition)

   The characteristic of “bullets” that really make them attractive

   How to make your sales conversions go up

   What kind of books give you the best information on marketing and copywriting

   How to apply copy techniques to get better results from your email

   Why picking an email subject line is vastly different from writing a headline, even though the purpose is the same

   How to get your email received, opened and read

   What you should say in your emails and why you should never sell in an email

   How to come up with your own good ideas for promoting your products

   Whether you should write your copy by hand or on a computer – how to tell which is right for you

   What accomplished musicians have to teach you about writing copy

   The most important part of your copy (hint: it’s not the headline)

   Whether the bonuses should fit the product – the answer may surprise you

   How copywriting can help you create a better product

   How to use research to gain an advantage over competitors, even when you don’t control the product

   How long should your copy be… and the difference between all copy that sells and copy that doesn’t sell

   One of the most effective techniques in copywriting and why it is so important — and why, without it, your copy can fail

   What you need to establish in the market you sell to

   How to build credibility for your product

   A little known and very unique way to learn how to write powerful testimonials

   What your testimonials need to say to be exciting and credible

   The secret to professional copywriting and all writing in general

   The most valuable resources for your web business

   A type of file that you should keep — it dramatically raises your sales

   Sample sales letters that can teach you advanced copywriting tecniques

   The one thing most Internet marketers are missing — it will add a ton more sales and profits if you do it

   The story of a 21 year-old high school dropout who makes $670,000.00+ annually from a $30/month web site he started 17 months ago

   How to get the address of every prospect who comes to your site

   The secrets of two $100,000.00+/month web sites

   How to use your Internet marketing business to grab and hold the attention of your market

   How to get your customers to read your sales message — this little-used technique captures and holds the attention of every hot prospect on your list

   Why you can’t learn how to write copy by just reading about it and what you have to do instead — this involves some special methods I designed specifically for this purpose

   As you can tell from reading these, even one new idea that you get from this ebook, judiciously applied, can increase your sales by hundreds of times the price of this inexpensive book.

   That’s the value of information. And, if you’ve read Napolean Hill, you know that specialized knowledge, like that contained in this book, is the cornerstone of business success.

   You can profit from the many years of valuable skills I’ve built over the years and put them to use in your Internet business TODAY.

   It would cost you hundreds of dollars to get the same information one-on-one from me or any one of the many other Internet experts.”


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