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Cat Howell – Facebook Ads That Convert (FATC) Lead Gen Price

Cat Howell – FATC Lead Gen Price
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What This Is…

A community of FB & Funnel Marketers looking to build their business (or looking for the perfect in-house role!), by leveraging the power of tapping into mentors and experts to accelerate results.    

FATC is an exclusive membership that was founded over two and a half years ago and has since worked with over 500 members, helped over 2,100 ad campaigns & funnels, and helped generate over $2M in revenue for members.

My Promise To You!
My mission is to arm Facebook™ marketers with the unwavering confidence & skill set  to deliver on client expectations!
I’m so tired of seeing Facebook™ marketers and agencies undervalue and undercharge for their services and I now realize that a large part of this stems from a confidence issue in delivery.

How much more would you charge, how many more clients would you onboard, and how much more would your business thrive if you had unfaltering faith in you or your team’s ability to deliver on client expectations?

THIS is my promise & commitment to you! To provide you with the BEST and highest quality (and current) resources so you can start running ads like the boss you really are!


Cat is the Founder and CEO of Eight Loop Social, a successful Facebook™ Ads Agency that has worked with the likes of Contiki, FUJIFILM, and Coca Cola.

She handles over $500K in ecom ad spend per month, recent achievement is scaling a new brand from $20K/mth to just under half a million in revenue in under two months!


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