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Charlie Price – Email Masters Cold Email Course + Bonuses

Charlie Price – Email Masters Cold Email Course
[32 MP4 + 1 PDF]

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These methods have helped B2B companies get 20-40 sales meetings every week, and for the first time ever, it’s free

Every single person that enters, will receive my “Email Masters” course completely free, AND you’ll get the chance to win a FREE 1-1 consulting session with Charlie Price

This is the best cold email course I’ve ever created

My previous courses have been sold for anything between £400-£1200

And my lead generation strategies have helped countless companies grow their business (see below)

Here’s why you need this course!

Anthony used my methods to get 3-4 sales meetings per week

Dan stole my (free) ideas

For those who say”Cold Email doesn’t work on big companies”

The Cold Email Course Includes 9 Modules:
Refined after 7 years in business, and 5 years as a copywriter…

Section One: Start Sending Emails!

1) Introduction, How to Create Winning Campaigns

2)The 5 Minute Guide To Sending Cold Emails

3) Sourcing Good Cold Email Data

Section 2: Book More Sales Meetings

4) The Guide To Inboxing, Don’t Get Blacklisted

5) The Question Guide To Getting 30-50% Response Rates

6) The Seth Godin Method to getting C-Level Responses

Section 3: Improve and Profit

1) The 3 biggest mistakes you can make with cold email

2) 2 sentences that’ll double your sales meetings

3) Using Cold Email To Grow An Empire

AND 3 AWESOME Bonuses worth £2,500:

Bonus 1) An interview with Jon Buchan, a cold email genius I’ve known for 4 years

Bonus 2) 3x Successful Cold Email Case Studies

Bonus 3) 22 Lessons I’ve learnt from spending £22,000 on Lead Generation

How Are We Giving This All Away? Is There A Catch?
These giveaways help us get the word out about The CopySpace and Traffic and Copy. I’ve found that giving massive value is always worth it.

On top of that, I love the buzz of giving away more value than I’ve ever given away, I know this course will be useful to startups who might not be able to afford consulting, as well as corporations that don’t know all the tricks in this course, yet :wink:

No matter how much I give away, there’s always more B2B lead generation tactics to share!

There is no purchase necessary to enter this contest, and this is the best cold email course I’ve ever created.

All you have to do is enter your email, and the “Email Masters” course will land in your inbox, Free

And, if you sign up, there’s £1,250 worth of 1-1 private consulting up for grabs
Enter → Share Your Link → Complete Tasks → Collect Points → WIN!!


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