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Chet Holmes – Ultimate Sales Machine

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Chet Holmes’ new book, unabridged on CD:

The Ultimate Sales Machine

This book is nearly thirty years in the making.

And the insights prove it. A masterpiece of insights, wisdom and step-by-step instruction to build The Ultimate Machine. A machine implies a level of precision and that’s exactly what you’ll take away from this book: How to turn your company into a precision-like sales machine. This is where nothing is left to chance.

In most companies, the majority of the sales process is not well defined: As compared to Chet’s book, where he lays out the fourteen strategic objectives you should have for every sales interaction. Most companies have two or three strategic objectives that are met in a sales interaction, and those two are three are not even well defined; they are haphazard and left too much to chance.

The basic idea:

Becoming a master is not about doing 4000 things, it’s about doing 12 things 4000 times. Over his thirty-year career at the top of the sales and marketing fields, Chet Holmes has worked like a machine himself to boil down all you‘ll ever need to know into 12 skill areas that make you a master. And to make your life easy, he has divided the book into 12 chapters, each focusing on the skill are you need to master. Written with great examples and practical stories, you will find this book, and it’s writing to be artful and entertaining (so say the other famous authors below).

The end result

The end result of this rather spectacular book is that you will get a lifelong blueprint to absolutely mastering the art of how to market, manage and sell like a machine. And in the end, no company will be able to stand against you. That is the ultimate promise. NO company will be able to compete with the company that masters the material in this superbly crafted book. You will take the business you want from whomever you want to take it and they will be powerless to stop you. You will pre-empt your competitors at every turn, even at a higher price.


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