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Chin-Ning Chu – The Secrets of the Rainmaker

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“In a chaotic world reeling in fast forward, Chin-NingChu — the 21st century change master — slows our heartbeat and inspires our Soul-deep yearning for authentic, lasting success. Timeless wisdom combined with timely counsel on winning from within.” –Dr Denis Waittey, Author of The Psychology of Winning and Seeds of Greatness.

“We fail to achieve our goals because we are trying too hard to succeed. The secret, as Chin-Ning Chu reveals, is finding that balance point between effort and ease” –Scott Degarmo, Publisher of SUCCESS magazine.

Your whole experience of living and working will never be the same again!

In her best selling book, Thick Face Black Heart, internationally acclaimed author Chin-Ning Chu unleashes techniques to help you find your inner warrior and liberate the power hidden within you.

Now in her stunning, eagerly anticipated new book, The Secrets of the Rainmaker, Chin-Ning reveals amazing techniques from the ancient masters on resting your heart, calming yourself and taking control. She also shows you how to ease back the pressure and build the wealth and success you desire.

Most of us believe that in order to become successful in work, life must be full of struggle. We subconsciously feel that if we do not experience the pain of effort along the way, we cannot reach our goal of success. We end up emotionally depleted, physically exhausted and spiritually bankrupt, fluctuating between fear and joy, loss and gain, success and failure, like an emotional yo-yo!

With the Secrets of the Rainmaker, you can turn on the power within you using the profound wisdom of Chin-Ning Chu and the life changing lessons revealed in the parable of the Rainmaker.

Learn How to:

   – Eliminate the road blocks to success
   – Break the myth of success and failure
   – Relax into success and free the mind from effort
   – Transform your business and personal encounters from reaction to restfully controlling
   – Fill yourself with on uncontrollable joy for life even in the midst of tragedy and discord
   – The power of ease… giving your willpower a rest
   – Achieve unlimited success, wealth, power, love and self discovery without stress

With incredible true stories of inspirational success this remarkable new book, from Chin-Ning Chu will show you that life was meant to be easy.

Chin-Ning Chu — International lecturer, company president and foremost expert on Asian wisdom, business psyche and success tactics.


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