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Chris Blair – Netpreneur Summit 2015 Recording and Notes (33 Vids (MP4) + 30 MRR (ZIP)]

Chris Blair – Netpreneur Summit 2015

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The Netpreneur Summit is an Internet Business, Marketing & Networking Event covering various strategies and methods the world’s top marketers are using right now to make a fortune from anywhere in the world using as little as a laptop and internet connection.

The 2015 Netpreneur Summit promises to be AGAIN an event like no other for Internet Business & Marketing enthusiasts. Our strict focus is on delivering high value, jam packed content sessions without any of the normal fluff or endless sales pitches..

Our objectives
1) To Help YOU learn in a friendly, hyper-productive environment!
2) Share with YOU the latest strategies, ideas & plans of what’s working NOW!
3) Connect YOU with like-minded Internet Business & Marketing superstars!
4) The Netpreneur Summit Is All About ONE Thing – Helping YOU!

Who Is This Summit For?
Anybody who is genuinely interested in discovering more actionable, results orientated Internet Business & Marketing strategies they can use to either start an online business or grow their current one 10X faster!

Devour The Most Current & Hottest Competition-Crushing Marketing Techniques & See Increased Profits Like Never Before

How would you like to discover the most up-to-date marketing techniques that you can apply for amazing and quick results in your business? Real-life case studies delivered by super successful Netpreneur’s who are in the field getting results right now… Your competitors won’t stand a chance!

The Netpreneur Summit is designed specifically to deliver you a mountain of benefits that can implement for instant results. Here are just some of the reasons to attend and what you’ll walk away with….

   Cutting-Edge Profit Boosting Strategies
   Discover what’s working now in online direct marketing
   Business & Marketing Growth Strategies
   Facebook & Twitter Marketing
   Joint Ventures & Strategic Alliances
   Mass Media Buying (online & offline)
   Lastest Affiliate Marketing Strategies
   Email Marketing
   Hidden Marketing Assets

Expand Your Network – Make Friends With Some Of The Top Marketers In The World

Ask any successful marketer or business owner and they’ll tell you a massive part of their success is due to their network of friends. We can’t stress enough the huge benefits of attending live events. You will meet other like-minded, motivated entrepreneurs to share stories, energy and insider-secrets with. The real value of your network is priceless.

If you’ve ever attended a high-caliber event like this before, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. How many new ideas, new friends and how much new-found energy will you be taking home with you? How much will the new friendships you make at Netpreneur Summit 2014 add to your bottom line in 2015?

Your 13 Legendary Netpreneur Summit Tokyo 2015 Speakers Include:

   Michael Devlin (UK) – CEO – Speaking Topic: Going Big On Amazon & Twitter – Bio: Michael Devlin is an award winning digital marketer with almost a decade of experience having built multiple seven figure e-commerce platforms and generated over £5M in sales in the UK and $14M for his clients in the US. In March 2015 Michael was listed as a success story by for having one of the highest conversions on the platform.
   Michael will be discussing how he crowd funded his product using twitter which was recently acquired by his global sourcing partner for £1M and showing how to grow your list by 1899 people inside 30 days spending just £300 resulting in £83K in product sales producing a conversion rate of 170% using twitter.

   Leela Cosgrove (AUS) – Founder & CEO – Speaking Topic: The Art Of Sales – Bio: Nine years ago, Leela was just another office drone working temporary admin jobs to make ends meet. After being plucked from obscurity and apprenticed to a self-made millionaire, she founded Strategic Anarchy and established herself as one of Australia’s top marketing experts. Her ability to help people make a living out of their passion has earned her the title “the chick who can monetise anything”.
   Leela: has been named as one of Australia’s top 25 female entrepreneurs under the age of 40; spoke at TEDX about her Identity Principle; has presented on marketing and identity throughout Australia and the US; and has won international short story competitions for her fictional writing.

   Gulliver Giles (AUS) – Sales Manager – Speaking Topic: The Art Of Sales – Bio: Gulliver has been described as “the best sales trainer on the planet”. His Sword of Sales system and his famous Armor of God objection handling system have revolutionised the sales industry – in the best possible way.
   Gulliver’s mission is to re-educate the world about sales and salespeople – his firm belief is that, despite its reputation, sales is NOT evil, and that real salespeople sell from a place of love, not manipulation.

   Jacob Hiller (USA) – CEO – Speaking Topic: Content Marketing – How To Build A $5 Million Dollar Online Empire – Bio: Jacob’s first ebook “The Jump Manual” has sold over $5 million in sales without an ad budget, without Amazon, and generating interest and traffic via his unique methods for reaching new markets.
   Jacob built his businesses while living as a perpetual nomad and has been traveling for 6 years through 48 different countries with his wife and 3 year old son. Jacob is a sought after coach in areas of outsourcing, affiliate marketing, marketing funnels, and software development.

   Ed Keay-Smith (AUS) – Owner & Founder – Speaking Topic: AdWords & Remarketing – Fine tuning your Pay-Per-Click strategy – Bio: Ed Keay-Smith owner & founder of Online Impact, consults with small businesses, SMEs, organisations and individuals to bring targeted visitors to their websites and help them convert those visitors into customers. His specialty is the “Pay-Per-Click” strategy, encompassing online, highly-targeted advertising – using services such as Google AdWords, Facebook & LinkedIn – that is researched, copy crafted, tested and reviewed for optimum return on investment for clients. With over 12 years experience in the Online Marketing field, Online Impact enjoys referrals from a diverse client base around the globe.

   Mark Lyford (UK) – CEO – Speaking Topic: The Digital Money Revolution – How to tap into your new Bitcoin and crypto currency business – Bio: Mark has been an online entrepreneur since 1997 and now runs a top 10 Bitcoin worldwide business group.

   Kevin Riley (CHE) – CEO – Speaking Topic: Content Creation – How To Create Kick A$$ Legendary Programs – Bio: Kevin lives in Osaka, down south in West Japan. He started on the Internet in the early days, with his first website in 1995, started selling a natural health e-book in the early 2000’s, and started teaching others how to create and sell digital info products in 2006.

   Phil Kyprianou (CA) – CEO – Speaking Topic: How To Crush It on Shopify – Bio: Serial Entrepreneur, Coach & Speaker, for the past decade, Phil Kyprianou has been dedicating him self to internet marketing. Multiple time awarded for his ambitious businesses models, he has always found a creative way to stand out from traditional businesses by solving problems and making them into challenges.
   His internet marketing experience and success brought him working with some Fortune 500 companies and agencies providing them advanced strategies to increase their return on investment. Recenlty he has decided to give back to the e-commerce community by setting up a group dedicated to Shopify and selling online strategies. While he’s helping others to succeed, he has built multiple successful online stores.

   Kim Barrett (AUS) – CEO – Speaking Topic: How To Make Facebook Pay You And Speak Directly To Your Audience – Bio: Kim Barrett is a world renown Social Media Marketer, focussing on Facebook. He Is an International Best Selling Author, Speaker and Trainer, having taught marketing around the world and helping businesses grow to 6 and 7 figures. Your Social Voice helps businesses get heard on social media, and most importantly, build engagement, generate more leads and more sales. Some his results include launching a company from $0 – $1.1million in sales in 10 months from Facebook marketing, and doing a product launch to a cold market generating over $30,000 in sales in a month with 60% profit margin!

   Stuart Stirling (AUS) – CEO – Speaking Topic: Legendary List Building Strategies To Explode Your Lead Generation! – Bio: Started his first online business in 2006. Email marketing and viral marketing expert. Retired direct response copywriter. Has a passion for online business and for teaching others how to start and grow their own. Australian born, now residing in Japan. When not working, he’s drifting.

   Adam Payne (UK) – CEO – Speaking Topic: How To Use YouTube To Build A Laser Targeted List For Pennies – Bio: Adam has spent the past 15 years living in Nagoya (Central Japan) near the famous city of Toyota. Originally from London, he has only been online a relatively short time, starting 2012 and struggled for a about 18 months. After focusing on YouTube things began to take off and he is now a successful product creator, affiliate marketer and enjoys helping beginners get started online.

   Chris Blair (USA) – CEO – Your Legendary MC & Co-Host For 2015 – Bio: Chris Blair started his online marketing career in 2010 and the first two years were a major struggle. Things started to change for Chris in 2012 when he decided to focus on FB advertising as his sole traffic source. He became a master of FB ads and has produced 5 courses on FB ads!

   James Brown (AUS) – – Mastermind Co-Ordinator & Co-Host For 2015 – Bio: James Brown has also emerged onto the scene as one of the ultimate marketing and business strategy guru’s. A graduate and former lecturer of the Australian College of Natural Medicine and College of Traditional Healing Arts, specializing in the arts of Traditional Chinese Medicine. James has spent the better part of 17 years helping individuals find better personal and financial health.

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