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Chris Croft – Working with Difficult People

Chris Croft – Working with Difficult People
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In every workplace, you’re likely to perceive some colleagues are being more difficult to work with than others. Before you rush to judgment, you should determine if and how you might be contributing to the situation. (After all, it’s entirely possible that you’re the problem.) If you’ve determined that the problem isn’t you, then this course can help.

In this course, Chris Croft shares methods for recognizing the characteristics of some of the most common types of difficult people, and gives you strategies for dealing with these individuals more effectively. Chris provides practical techniques for dealing with a variety of different behaviors, including negativity, aggression, childishness, and selfishness. Plus, he explains how to overcome your own negative thinking, and get the best from a difficult boss.
Topics include:

   Identifying and understanding difficult people
   Handling aggressive and passive-aggressive people
   Working with negative people
   Working with procrastinators and people with bad habits
   Conquering your own negative thinking
   When the difficult person is your boss
   Dealing with micromanagers…


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