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Chris Lori – Psychology & Risk of Institutional Traders

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Webinar’s length: 6 hours


   Traders who are struggling with frequent losses.

   New traders looking build their trading on strong foundation by understanding how the market works at a deeper level.

   Traders who feel they are sabotaging their own trading with poor emotional control.


Understanding Forex Institutional Deal Flow and Market Structure

Every trader wants to be successful, but success does not come easy.

Is there one secret every successful trader holds?

The answer is Yes! Successful traders live from the inside out. They achieve long term success by developing the inner psyche, and that brings about external success. Successful traders are programmed on the inside, through a feedback mechanism, to respond to their environment wisely and with discernment. It is a statistical fact that developing and struggling traders are too focused on the external rewards and stimulus that drive random decisions, lack of focus and irrational action while racking up huge losses.

In this video course, Chris Lori discusses the direct correlation between psychology and risk in the FX marketplace and the importance of developing and maintaining psychological prowess for long-term success. He will show you how to develop your trading model and your psychological profile in a controlled risk environment. He will also reveal one essential quality that every long-term successful trader holds. The Psychology segment of the course is critical. If you scoff at the important role psychology and risk play in your trading, you are assured a long and painful struggle. This course will help you to discover and optimize your unique qualities like that of process focused successful traders.

“If an unyielding psychological profile is required for professional traders; you are no different!”

Part two of the course will focus on price based market structure, micro and macro institutional deal flow and fractals as it relates to market psychology. Understanding market structure is critical to the foundation of any technical trading model, whether your model is based on systems, indicators, quant’s, patterns or price. Many traders do not understand movements in the market that interfere with their position objectives; it is the connection between price and market psychology. Chris will completely open your eyes to new ways you can use price movements to enhance your trading model. The revelations in this section will enable you to see beyond the indicators and candlesticks and deep into deal flow and the psychology of the market, critical for order entry and position management.

Chris: “There was a very bright and distinguished man named Ralph, at the Raleigh Workshop who continued to ask complex questions throughout the weekend. Ralph has been trading a FX Options as a sole profession for 25 years and was fascinated by the course content. At the end of the second day of the workshop he said to me; “So, it is your market structure and fractals that have been standing in the way of my objective levels all these years.” Ralph, Greg Crisp and I had dinner following the event.”

Here’s what you will learn:


Part 1: Psychology & Risk

   In part 1, Chris will discuss the direct correlation between psychology and risk in the FX marketplace and reveal the one BEST KEPT TRADER SECRET that every long-term successful trader holds and teach you how to develop it. Chris will clearly construct real risk parameters used by fund managers. Risk parameters that should be used in portfolio’s and personal trading, as opposed to the leverage offered in super hype schemes and “regulated brokers.”
7 Laws for FX Success
Risk and You
Fear and Independent Thinking
How Do You See the Market?
What Drives Your Decision?
Your Level Of Consciousness
Developing Traders Risk Volatility
Experienced Traders Risk Volatility
Chris’ Wisdom Model
Developing Traders Model
What Does it Take?
Develop Through Experience
Independent Thinking
Eight Intrinsic Risk Factors
When Risk is Managed
Stress in Trading
Understanding Market & Your Risk
Realistic Expectations
The Ego
Submission to Time
Margin and Leverage
$10,000 Hypo Equity Example
Developing Trader Pitfalls

Part 2: Institutional FX

   In part two of this course, Chris will cover market structure in detail. The connection between institutional order flow, price action, fractals and the psychology of the market. Understanding the relationships to price is critical to the success of any technical trader
Deal Flow & Market Structure
BIS Survey
The Banks
Fractals and Order Flow
Fractal Examples
Fibonacci Fractal
Using Fractals to Trade


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