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Clayton Makepeace Seminar 2006 – TotalPackage

Clayton Makepeace Seminar 2006 – TotalPackage
[11 DVD rips(avi) + 15 CD’s (mp3 + PDFs) + 10 slides (PP)]

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– The Total Package –

Power Marketing Summit 2006

The is the Clayton Makepeace Seminar from this group buy.

Here is a description of what the package comprises:


THE TOTAL PACKAGE – The Total Package

The Main File ( 11 DVD’s – .avi format):

Power Marketing Summit DVD Rips  – 11 DVD’S TOTAL
In Session #1 — Planning for Success, Part One, I reveal all the steps I take to lay the foundation for off-the-charts ROI  before the first word of copy is written …

In Session #2 — Planning for Success, Part Two, I give you my trademark secrets for creative brilliance and for multiplying response and average sale by activating your prospects’ dominant resident emotions …

In Session #3 — How to Write a Killer Lead, I walk you through my ‘modular’ lead strategy for generating maximum readership.  And I show you the EIGHT most powerful lead approaches I’ve ever discovered in my 35 years of direct response business building …

In Session #4 — 40 Headline Idea Starters, I help you become a master headline writer with the 40 most powerful headline strategies I’ve ever come across. You’ll see how and why to use each technique with more than 95 examples from winning promotions …

In Session #5 (2 DVD’s) — Secrets of Copywriting Success, I use two full DVDs to lay out my powerful, proven techniques for doubling or tripling response in painstaking detail — including my easy-to-follow 24-step process for turning your prospect’s buying decision into a dead-lock cinch no-brainer for him …

In Session #6 — Anatomy of a World-Beating Control, I break down my legendary Supernet promotion for you. You’ll see, step-by-step how I created the tabloid that mailed for years … generated untold thousands of new customers … and made both my client and I millions …

In Session #7 — Graphic Design for Max Response, I give you my secrets for making sure the design and layout of my promotions intensifies their attention-getting power, readership and response – and the blunders graphic artists make that could cost you a fortune …

In Session #8 — Web Marketing Breakthroughs, Daniel Levis and I reveal the  strategies and tactics we use to turn ordinary online promotions into out-of-the-park grand slams with ROIs of up to 650% — and that any marketing pro can use to drive sales (not to mention your own income) through the everlovin’ roof …

In Session #9 – The Power Marketing Hot Seat Sessions, I introduce you to an all-star panel of the world’s top copywriters including Parris Lampropoulos, Carline-Anglade Cole, John Carlton, Kent Komae and invite you to take notes as we I tear three actual direct mail promotions limb from limb … and help three grateful company owners multiply their response, and …

In Session #10 — Evolution of a Copywriter, I share principles, response-rocketing strategies and insights from my 35 years in the biz that don’t fit neatly into the copywriting process — including 10 ways to find the Achilles Heel of any promotion you want to beat.

Bob Bly – Become and Instant Guru – 7 Audio Cd’s – mp3 format.

Confessions of The Info Marketing Superstars – 2 CD’s – 9 mp3 audio’s and transcripts + 13 PDF’s.

How To Build a Six-Figure Copywriting Business – Clayton Makepeace – 2 CD’s – 7 mp3 audio and 11 PDF’s

How To Challenge A Strong Control – Clayton Makepeace – 2 cd’S – Tele-seminar sessions in shockwave flash format.

Power Marketing Summit’s Power Point Presentation – 1 cd – 10 PP files and  PDF

BONUS CD 01 – 3 PDF’s:
(1) How To Achieve Success As A Freelance Copywriter – By Chris Marlow
(2) Million Dollar Online Advertising Strategies – Dr. Joe Vitale & Daniel Levis
(3) On-Line Marketing That Works – Bob Bly

500 Page Swipe File – Clayton’s Personal Swipe File – PDF Format
322 Page Swipe File – File Used in The Presentations – PDF Format

Secrets Of Successful DirectMail – Dick Benson – PDF

There is 2 other books which were included in this package:

1) Double Your Profits In 1 Months Or Less – By Clayton Makepeace (this is being sent to downloaderUK to rip and scan into PDF)

2) Breakthrough Advertising by Eugene Schwartz – which is already available HERE

A bonus CD comprising 5 ebooks was faulty. These have now been uploaded ON THIS product

For those who are interested, the Full Quality DVD’s of this package have already been uploaded as ISO’s. The file size is a whopping 32GB, but gives you the original DVD (VOB) files, which you just need to extract from the ISO’s.
These DVD files can be downloaded from
THIS product


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