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Cliff J Ravenscraft – Learn How To Podcast

Cliff J Ravenscraft – Learn How To Podcast
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Description for Cliff J Ravenscraft – Learn How To Podcast


Important! This is a FREE tutorial available here:

I am uploading it because we have an (almost) full series. You never know when this will be pulled down, it would be a shame to lose it.


WordPress For Podcasters Training – Learn How To Podcast 101 is a video tutorial with more than 120 minutes of instruction that will help you lay a solid foundation for setting up a podcast for future success. This podcasting tutorial will give you all the building blocks to help you understand what is needed to launch your podcast properly.

As an added bonus, this tutorial includes clear step by step instructions on how to launch a podcast from scratch, using 100% free online services. This is perfect for those who simply want to test the waters before they make a big investment in equipment and web hosting!
Who is Learn How To Podcast 101 for?

Learn How To Podcast 101 is for anyone who is either just starting a podcast or who wants to take their show to the next level by understanding the proven building blocks that provide the greatest potential for future success, without losing subscribers should your podcast become popular.

While this tutorial may be all the hobbyist will need to enter the world of Podcasting, those who want to produce a high quality podcast that professionally represents their brand, Learn How To Podcast 101 is the the perfect first step to build a proper foundation for an amazingly successful podcast.

The best part is that new podcasters can start small and later decide to take their podcast to “the next level.” By following the steps outlined in Podcasting 101, you will not run the risk of losing your subscribers that you gained in this initial phase due to an improperly set up rss feed.
What is included in Learn How To Podcast 101?

Learn How To Podcast 101 is split into 7 main sections:
An Overview of How Podcasting Works
Tagging Your Mp3 Files
Podcast Equipment Options
Website & Media Hosting Recommendations
How To Properly Set Up A Podcast RSS Feed
A Proven Podcast Production Workflow
How To Create A Podcast In Under 20 Minutes

Content of Learn How To Podcast

Part 1 – An Overview of Podcasting
Part 2 – Tagging Your MP3 Files
Part 3 – Equipment Options
Part 4 – Website & Media Hosting
Part 5 – Proper RSS Feed Setup
Part 6 – A Proven Podcasting Workflow
Part 7 – Your Journey Starts Today!
Part 8 – Q & A Session
Why You Should Create Your Podcast Within The Next 90 Days!

This product is part of a series of tutorials on podcasting. Here’s a full list of what we have for now:
Learn How To Podcast 101
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Passive Income Strategies For Podcasters
Adobe Audition 101
Inside the studio
Audacity 101 Tutorial
Social Media 101 Tutorial
Digital Audio Recorder Tutorial – Edirol
Evaluating Your Podcast Tutorial
Behringer MDX-4600 Tutorial
How I Do / Did Premium Membership

Happy podcasting!

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