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ConversionXL – Conversion Optimization Certification Training Program (Compressed)

ConversionXL – Conversion Optimization Certification Training Program
[248 Videos (MP4) + 163 Audio (MP3) + 295 Workbooks (PDF) + 1 Workbooks (PPT) + 2 Workbooks (XL) + 2 Workbooks (DOC) + 3 Workbooks (TXT)]

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This exclusive material brought to you by the participants of The ConversionXL – Product Messaging & Copywriting – SEO & PPC That Converts Group Buy.

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This is a special added bonus, The ConversionXL Conversion Optimization Certification Training Program. It includes everything, but the certificate. It was a lot of work ripping this. So DON’T BE AN AHOLE AND LEAK THIS. :-)

ConversionXL Conversion Optimization Certification Training Program
The Conversion Optimization Training Course for Professionals

This is a comprehensive conversion optimization training program that will help you become a top conversion optimizer. The skills you gain will turn you into a much sought-after T-shaped marketer.

Once you take all the courses inside, you will unlock the certification test. Pass the test and become a ConversionXL Certified Optimizer.

Module 1: Conversion Optimization 101
Fundamentals of conversion optimization. The goal is to get everyone on the same page about what CRO is and what we’re doing.

Courses in this module:
CRO Foundations
CRO Copywriting 101

Module 2: People & Psychology
Your clients are brains. You will learn some of the more important psychological concepts that you need to be aware of in order to convert more sales.

Courses in this module:
Intro to Persuasive Psychology
Using Social Proof Online
Developing & Testing an Emotional Content Strategy: emotional triggers and behavioral principles which shape your customer’s decision making process
Influence & Interactive Design: a framework which synthesizes scientific research on behavior patterns from a neurochemical and evolutionary psychology background
The Persuasion Slide: a practical model for the persuasion process
Persuasive Copywriting

Module 3: Digital Analytics
Every data-driven marketer needs to know how to use digital analytics to make better decisions.

Courses in this module:
Intro to Digital Analytics
Conducting an Analytics Audit
Using Analytics to Find Conversion Opportunities

Module 4: Persuasive Design & UX
Good design sells. But what makes one design better than another design? How can we use design to improve conversions?

Courses in this module:
Opportunity by Design
Persuasive Web Design

Module 5: Conversion Research
You need to diagnose the patient before you know how to treat him. Research-driven optimization is what ensures sustainable growth and long-term success.

Courses in this module:
ResearchXL framework to identify problems with your website
Heuristic Analysis
User Testing
Survey Design
Qualitative Research
Mouse Tracking
Fast and Rigorous User Personas

Module 6: Testing Strategies
Knowing what to test, how to test and when to choose which testing strategy is key to success.

Courses in this module:
Testing statistics
Common testing mistakes and how to avoid them
How to run tests: from hypotheses to stopping rules
Prioritizing tests: frameworks to decide what to test next
Validity threats: what can skew your test results
Testing QA

Module 7: Optimization Strategies
Optimization is more than just testing. You need to know all the aspects of the full customer journey before you can influence it.

Courses in this module:
Managing a redesign
Optimizing for B2B
Customer Value Optimization
Landing Page Optimization
Creating a Segmentation Strategy
Testing QA

Module 8: Conversion Optimization Program Management
How to manage your program to success, and how to sell CRO internally and externally.

Courses in this module:
How to Design, Roll Out, & Scale an Optimization Program
Evangelizing for Optimization in Enterprise
Building Your Optimization Technology Stack
Optimize your Optimization Program
Selling CRO as an agency


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