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Copyblogger / Brian Clark – Teaching Sells

Teaching Sells – Course Material – Copyblogger – Brian Clark
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This is the latest update and official download of the Teaching Sells curse modules, workshops, and other materials, released in 2019-04-03, which is the last update to members before being retired.

What is Teaching Sells?

The Teaching Sells training program is a comprehensive and detailed step-by-step guide to creating successful online training programs and multimedia membership sites. It’s a complete methodology for choosing profitable topics, developing dazzling content, attracting paid members and building air-tight websites.


Brian Clark and Tony Clark



Module 1
Power and Profit in Teaching
Creativity Meets Commercial Education
The Secret No One Tells You
The Information Marketers Holy Grail
The Customer is the Market
How to Find a Market
Seven Ways to Identify the Learning Needs of a Market
Positioning Your Interactive Training for Success
Six Proven Ways to Uniquely Position Your Training Program
An Introduction to Pricing for Membership Sites
Instructional Design A Business Plan that Benefits Learners
The Learner Profile Feel the Pain and Find the Cure
How to Identify the Benefits of Knowledge Your Learner Seeks
Three Steps to Writing Learning objectives That Work

Module 2
Business Model One The End of Days Strategy
Business Model Two Affiliate Marketing Squared
Business Model Three  The Ghost Teaching Strategy
Business Model Four The Generation A Strategy
Business Model Five Take the Summer Off
Business Model Six Lead a Horse to Water
Business Model Seven The Business Model Formerly Known as Prince Strategy
Business Model Eight Velvet Rope
Business Model Nine Free Prize Inside
Business Model Ten Virtual Conference

Module 3
Minimum Viable Product Part One
Minimum Viable Product Education Design
What’s in an MVP
Minimum Viable Product Defeating Analysis Paralysis

Module 4
Four Content Sourcing Strategies for ILEs
Develop Expert Content with Research and Synthesis
Expert Interviewing Strategies
How to Effectively Outsource Content Creation
Developing a Curriculum for Your ILE
The 4MAT Approach to Connecting with Learners
Content Strategies that Engage the Whole Brain
The Secret to Content that Sells

Module 5
An Introduction to Pricing for Membership Sites
Developing an Introductory Offer and Launch Strategy for your ILE
The Money’s in the List Creating an Effective Prospect Marketing Strategy
The Six Keys to Effective Copy for Membership Sites
Three Approaches to Membership Site Copy
Marketing Joint Ventures  How to Tap into the Money in Other Peoples Lists
How to Attract Joint Venture Marketing Partners and Super Affiliates
How to Create a Community of Learning
ROI Advertising  Marketing Strategies that Pay Off

Module 6
How to Create Quick and Easy Content in Multiple Media Formats
How to Create an Audio Product in 7 Easy Steps
How to Create Quick and Easy Video Content From Audio Tracks
Quick and Easy Written Content

Module 7
How to Record Professional style Interviews
Speak Your Mind (Literally) with Great Audio Content
Capture Your Screen and Illustrate Your Point
Beyond Bullet Points and Storytelling
Go Beyond the Ordinary with Interactive Elements

Module 8
How to Build Your Membership Site Introduction and Overview
Choosing the Perfect Hosting Company
WordPress 101 The Foundation of Your Personal Media Empire
The Basics of WordPress Design that Works
Choosing a Bulk Email Provider
How to Build a Protected Membership Site that Works
How to Install and Set Up a Forum with bbPress

Module 9
Introduction to Educational Marketing
How to Conduct Teleseminars That Rock
Persuasive Visuals Choosing and Designing Compelling Visuals for Presentations and Videos
Educational Marketing The Under The Radar Selling Strategy
Logic or Emotion Both But Get Personal Too
How to Structure Persuasive Content
Four Under the Radar Content Techniques that Spark the Buying Process
Persuasive Blogging Beyond Trust and Authority
Under the Radar Marketing Video
Writing White Papers That Spread And Sell
Persuasive Podcasting for Promotion and Persuasion

Module 10
Find the Winning Difference or Disappear
How to Create an Irresistible Market Position with Direct Benefits
Conceptual Benefits Winning the Positioning Battle with metaphors and Intersections
The Winning Difference Advanced Positioning and Creative Adaptation Strategies
Create Evaluate Communicate

Module 11
Always Be Launching
Product Launch Strategies
Whats Your Launch Story
The Reluctant Guru
Telling The Story On The Fly
Launch Sequence Checklist
Under the Radar Sales Letter
Seven Tips for Working With JV Partners
Incremental Urgency
Increase Your Revenue
Launch Blueprint

Module 12
Five Key Elements of the Entreproducer Model
The Lifeblood of the Entreproducer Model Ideas
Selling Strategies for Entreproducers
Strategic Alliances  The framework of the Entreproducer Model
Effective Outsourcing for Entreproducers
The Entreproducer Guide to Legal Issues

Module 13
The Crucial First 3 Steps to Successful Affiliate Marketing
Changing the frame  Pre Sell Without Selling
Educate to Dominate

Module 14
Live Events
Event Planning Logistics
Behind the Scenes of Elite Retreat
Market a Super Conference
Get Started With Profitable Workshops
Compelling Live Presentations


The Power Start, Setting the Context for Success
Minimum Viable Productivity, Getting Started on Your Project
It’s in the List, Creating or Growing your Audience of Raving Fans
Content Conveyor Belt, Moving Your Audience Towards the Sales
Ready for Takeoff, How to Deploy Your First Launch
Power Tools, Setting Up Rainmaker Pro to Deliver an Exceptional Customer Experience
Playing the Long Game, Growing from the MVP to a Sustainable Business
Mind (And Fix) The Gaps, Addressing Your Individual Stuck Spots and Problems

Welcome Content

5 Habits
Manage Your Creative Energy
Productivity Tips
Project Planning

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